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Got 2 free garage tumblers in our Scottish cottage...  Had a great electric blanket, "bought" with Green Shield stamps - reluctantly decided recently it was no longer safe to use, after 20-something years (don't worry folks, we did get it serviced regularly - but eventually the firm went bust!).


Re senior momentism:  OH and I spent much of yesterday afternoon and evening assembling an IKEA "Brimnes" day-bed (one of those clever things that turns into a double by pulling out the side), and it WORKED.  Didn't fall out over it either, and managed to understand all the instructions, eventually... so I reckon the little grey cells must still be working ok...    (Won't tell you how many times we put down the screwdriver & couldn't remember where it was, though  )

I started my senior moments when I was in my thirties.  I married a twin, woke up one morning and couldn't remember which twin I married.  Needless to say he is now my ex.  Plus, I couldn't stand his brother whichever one he was!!!


Aaah the screwdriver thing Liri - bit similar to the old secateurs thing that isn't it...

How many times did you find it under the sheet of instructions in the same way that the secateurs are always under the pile of trimmings? - or maybe that's just me.

And if they're ALWAYS there - why don't I remember look there first?


You snuck in there Early Riser - blimey that IS a bad one!!!! 



That screwdriver/secateurs thing is the same as the sellotape and scissor thing when you are wrapping presents, it drives me mad.

I also had loads of stainless steel serving dishes with green shield stamps which havent long gone the way of the charity shop, also pyrex dishes and stands. Green Shield stamps were a godsend when it came to the old 'bottom drawer'.

My friends dad was working in Ireland when he met the girl of his dreams.  About 3 weeks after he returned to England she turned up on the doorstep declaring undying love.  Passion got the better of them and she ended up pregnant.  Unfortunately it wasnt the girl of his dreams it was her twin sister.  Times were very different then and they got married and had the baby (my friend) they never did get divorced.


My Mother used to collect the stamps from the front of Black & Greens loose tea. You had to collect about a million to get 'free' multicoloured plastic tulips.  Yuk ! 

Re the Vesta curriys. I'll photograph the box next time I'm in the shop because I know it seems incredible that they still sell those delicious boxed meals. 


That rang a bell Runnybeak, my mum used to collect the free plastic flowers you got with washing powder.  We also used to have that loose tea but I thought it was called Green & Blacks. I could only cook Vesta's when my dad was at work he used to go mad if I cooked that 'foreign muck' in the house, never was very politically correct my dad.

Wish I still had my 1970 World Cup coin collection. Had the full set - all mounted in the special blue cardboard mount - courtesy of Esso petrol. But I guess most of us had those.....?
Liriodendron, Topbird, not World Cup coins... knew nothing of football until I met my OH.    But I did collect tea cards - lots of series - flowers, wild animals etc, but I don't think I managed to complete any of the sets...

Orchid Lady

Not sure if it's a senior moment / me being dim or just newbie-ness, but I've only just realised that when on sowing instructions it says 'don't eliminate light' or something similar,   that it means don't cover the seeds with compost!!!  I thought it meant don't put them somewhere dark and I remember thinking earlier in the year when doing lots do sowing that it was a daft thing to say as I might be new but even I know seeds need light to grow!!!  Durhhhhhh 


I have trouble with that OL. I always feel that the seeds need to be tucked cosily under the compost.

Orchid Lady

Thank goodness it's not just me, I thought they would all need to be covered to keep warm 

Orchid lady.  I think you were right originally about the light thing. It would say on the packet of seed if the seed should be on the compost, and seed as variable re their needs for light

Next to the Vesta curries on the shelf were packets of spaghetti Bolognaise.  inside the box three sachets,  little lengths of pasta,  pink gritty stuff, and a little thing of Parmesan smelling of sick.  Oh, the sophistication of it!!


Liri, i collected tea cards to, got a badge for it with the brownies , back in the days when you had to wear an awful scratchy brown dress!

Does anyone remember the golliwogs on Robertson's jam? You collected tokens and got badges or little clay figurines. I collected them to get one figure playing the clarinet because of my Dad. Most peculiar. You wouldn't be allowed them now of course! 

My Mum used to give us the Vesta Chow Mein and ...Beef Risotto! What a delicacy that was. So much so that, when I was expecting first child... and struggled to eat virtually all normal food...I ate that ...  

That's so embarrassing I'm having one more of these 


Someone in this house has had a senior moment and it isn't me. The jar of marmalade has a Hellman's mayo lid on it, no wonder I couldn't find it, thankfully no mayo on the inside of the lid, currently no mayo in the house. We don't have mayo for breakfast or marmalade for dinner.

Fairy I had some of the Golly badges, have you mentioned to biggest little fairy what you scoffed? Maybe get some for an evening when no one wants to cook 

Also remember that Vesta beef curry brought me out in a hot sweat  taste buds have either matured or died in later years.  

My Grandads siblings called him golli, because he had similar hair to the image on the jars, i remember my mom was very embarrassed when she explained it to me! Thank goodness things have moved on!

My poor grandad, his middle name was bulstrode! Who calls a kid that???
I collected the golliwogs too! - very un-PC now of course - but my favourite had a guitar.

We used to enjoy a rather disgusting variety of tinned 'treats' at Christmas when I was a kid.
These included large tins of fruit juice (we never had fresh), tinned strawberries and raspberries and tinned meat - notably ham and chicken which both came encased in a horrible aspic (or other) jelly.

I can taste them all now - strangeley very different to the fresh versions and not very pleasant textures. But I'd probably be transported back to Christmas circa 1967 if I ate them - so I guess I'd secretly enjoy eating them - just the once.