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Like my plants I prefer the sun Mike, it warms the old bones and lifts the mood and of course it paints our gardens with light and turns them into works of art.

What is better than being surrounded by the wondrous plants and the orchestral sound of the insects, something cool to sip and a lightness of mind. 



Mike said goodbye and left the forum for good last night and the the mods have removed his last thread.

Maybe not a good idea to re-hash this one in case people think it is a new one.

I understand you are friends with Mike so you will be able to keep in touch with him elsewhere

Oh, sorry to hear it Kef and thank you for letting me know, just to say, without starting anything, I am not, nor ever have been friends with Mike, I have never talked to him directly except in this thread.

Its a shame, I would have liked to have got to know him, he is very interesting, the sentiments in my post above still stand. peace everyone.


Hi Mike, it's been a nice break from hot weather, but i do like the sun but as long as we get a shower in the night to water the garden, my flowers have looked gorgeous this year thanks to our new raised bed and plenty feeding, this is my first year of growing tomatoes and curly Kale, I find it so rewarding 

star gaze lily

flumpy Mike is no longer using the forum.



Whoops sorry 

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