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I see that Adam isn't showing us the development of his new garden on GW like he was last year. I wonder if its because he has since started to run a gardening school from his new house, with GW perhaps not wanting to appear to be supporting one of its presenters business interests?

Its a shame, I was interested in watching it develop.

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You may well be right Leadfarmer. I agree, it is a shame if that's the case, because like you I enjoyed the sections on GW at his garden.


what about Monty's endless books?

I may be unique here , but I don't particularly rate either of them very highly ; just TV celebs with an inclination towards gardening ; think of all the royalties they collect from their rather mundane publications ; and as for what 'Monty' apparently knows , a novice gardener would be non the wiser after watching GW.

There's definitely more expertise and 'know-how' on this forum .


I think Adam Frost's numerous Gold's at Chelsea show that he has something worthwhile to pass on to the rest of us. He also worked with Geoff Hamilton in his early years. 

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Yes , you're probably right ; too many vodkas , thoroughly fed up . Had long hard day and apologies if offended anyone

Paul , cheers , large lemon Gin at moment 🥃

Personally like both , after all it is a TV programme , entertaiment but known where you are coming from 


Large glass of wine here.  I was wondering what was happening with Adam's garden. It's a shame as l was interested in the development and the planting he was doing (Also rather envious of the lovely house and all the room he had to build a vegetable garden etc).

Typical that one of the more interesting segments (to me) on GW may not be shown anymore 

Adams house is near (or in) Stamford apparently ; not a million miles from where I live .

If anyone likes quaint medieval architecture , that's the place to visit .

One thing I do envy , the large walls around some of his garden ; some of the different climbing plants I could plant up those .


D'you know, I always look forward to Adam's bits. I play a drinking game where I down my vodka every time he superfluously says "d'you know..." Next time you watch GW, count how many times he says it! 


Nice one ; "d'you know" ; from Nottingham myself originally !! .

Beaus Mum

I am going to Adam's gardening school next week d'you know 

really excited and will ask him re Gardeners World and if they are filming there again this year.

Adam does occasionally post pics on Instagram of his garden d'you know 

Oh I look forward to hearing how you get on Beaus Mum. Do let us know what he says. I was enjoying watching him plan and design his new garden and thought we'd be alongside him as it developed.


Try counting the times the word " amaaaaaaaaaazing" is used on telly. Jamie Oliver is a massive fan as is Francis Tophill. She used it twice last week when looking at a fern and numerous other times.


D'you know, I didn't know that Beaus Mum ! 

Have a great time, and let us know all about it.


Hostafan1 says:

Try counting the times the word " amaaaaaaaaaazing" is used on telly. Jamie Oliver is a massive fan as is Francis Tophill. She used it twice last week when looking at a fern and numerous other times.

See original post

 I know what you mean about 'amaaaaaaazing'.  It's used to death.  One programme I watch has a combination of that and "This is the best xyz I've ever seen.  They should all be done like this"


I said the exact same thing to my husband when Francis Tophil was on gw last week. She said "amazing at least 4/5 times when looking at the ferns i said i think its because she didnt quite know what else to say after seeing the millionth fern "aaaaaamazing!" 

 Beaus Mum I didn't know Adam had a gardening school would be very interested to hear how it goes. I agree watching him develop his new space was one of the best bits last season.


Well jell BM.  I like Adam Frost and agree that it's a shame if GW stop showing the development of the garden.

It's the 'journey' thing that annoys me. It seems that everyone who appears on TV is going on one.


I record GW every week so I can watch it at a more convenient time and FF the daft bits.   The only episodes I have kept of GW are the ones with Adam in his garden or talking about design in other gardens and one or two gems from Carol Klein.   I shall be very sorry if we are not to have any more contributions from him.   He talks sense and is practical.