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I've got some small pots of chives and delphiniums grown from seed in my greenhouse together with a couple of clematis from the GW offer earlier in the year. Should I plant these out now or pot them on and overwinter in the greenhouse for planting out next spring. I've also got a few hellebores which I presume can go out now as they're winter flowering. 

Any advice gratefully received 

No....I would protect all of them inside.  The hellebores?  Are they in small pots too?


Thanks Verdun, Hellebores are in pots of 5 and 6 inch diameter and are reasonably large plants, grown on from plugs in spring. 

Yes then plant out,those hellebores..  Make sure you get some good stuff in the hole too


The chives are likely to die down over the winter, even with a bit of protecton, but will reshoot in early spring.



I have kept pots of chives on the kitchen windowsill over winter, always had some fresh for cooking. I fed them about once a fortnight with liquid fertilizer for indoor pot plants.


I'll bring a couple of pots of chives in and see how they do, but I think they might be a bit too small, although they may prefer conditions inside and as I've got loads of pots of them it's worth a try.

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