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Hi all im only putting this on as it might help to understand how it works it helped me,its of the net Nutrients breakdown for plant food/teas N.P.K = Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium Comfrey N 1.8 Nettles N 1.7 P 0.5 P 0.6 K 5.3 K 4.5 Is Nettle Fertilizer Suitable for All Vegetables? N= Nitrogen Leaf and Stem Growth P= Phosphorous Roots and Buds K= Potassium or Potash Fruit and Flowers And so this brings us to the question of nettle feed and its suitability. As already mentioned, nettle feed is a rich fertilizer, and helps to promote all aspects of growth. Nettles are nitrogen-rich plants, but the fertilizer acts as a good all-round general fertilizer too. In particular, nettle feed will also benefit dark green, leafy plants such as brassicas. So it???s fair to say that generally, many plants will benefit in some capacity from a dose of nettle feed. But it???s also fair to say that different plants will thrive on different amounts of NPK, depending on their growing requirements. For instance, flowering or fruiting plants need the right nutrients to help sustain the growth of the bloom or the fruit. They need phosphorus to promote growth of the root and buds, as well as relatively larger volumes of potash to encourage healthy fruit or flower production. If you give flowering or fruiting plants too much nitrogen, the chances are that you???ll just encourage an abundance of leafy growth ??? and not much more. Not ideal for promoting flower blooms or a heavy fruit yield! long but only the once Alan4711

Thanks Alan4711 for the help - I have nearly made nettle feed for my plants and have made comfrey feed but need to use it yet

I have used both feeds for years with excellent results and understood the significance of their breakdowns. I also make a feed out of Rhubarb leaves. I was told about this many years ago, but do not have the breakdown for this as above outlined by Alan for Nettle and Comfrey feeds so if anyone has any info, I would muchly appreciate it.

I was pleased to see Monty making some this year, as I have given it away to my neighbours and feel vindicated in my efforts, however we all agree it does smell somewhat  so as a group we tend to feed at night and in particular if a shower is forcast which helps it get into the ground and keeps the "pong"!! at bay.

Thanks Alan 

hi sorry about all the ???? they we not in my original post, also Dandelion which i don't have the N P K for is apparently better than nettles or Comfrey ,worth a try if you have a problem with them, Marg try the dry way of making it not so smelly

what is the approx. dilution rate for comfrey or nettle liquid per gallon of water? please


The ususual ratio is 10-1.that is ten parts water to one part feed - hope that helps.

Thanks Alan for your advise re drying first, will be a great relief for all. hehe

sorry Alan,Didn't understand your reference to all the question marks hope I haven't asked too much of you but your help is gratefully received but unfortunately any dandelions i find go to our rabbit-hehehe but will try anyway.

thanks margaret got it on bbc player, Monty Don said half pint to a 2 gallon watering can.

Yes, i was amazed to see his ratio last night on Gardners world, as I say I have done this for many years, and a good few years back on Gardners World (I think) One of the lady presenters who is no longer on the show, also did the netttle feed etc. and she advised the 10-1 ratio??? So I am confused, but think it is just down to the density of the feed and I do just vary it should it be a little weaker or stronger.I think it also depends how long it has been brewing, I usually use mine after 2-3 wks

Sorry if i clouded the issue.

Peat B

Minging !

Peat B

Recently made up some comfrey 'soup'. It smells just like it says on the tin.! Despite having much trust in what I am doing, it iss a trust through an act of blind faith. I cannot really say that despite years of doing this, it has really made any difference to my plants . . . . .  inasmuch as , I make it up to roughly 1:10 ratio, and pour it on judiciously, and there is no discernable difference betwen the fed plants and the just watered plants.  I feel a lot better for doing it tho' !


How long does nettle feed keep?

i have some in a large plastic water bottle container for about 2 summers! Is it ok to use?


I poured mine onto my compost heap and made a new supply. That way nothing was wasted!

Peat B

Hazel, I've been using an old plassy container for some 10 years now, and it seems to do the trick without any harmful or negative effects. Go for it gal ! 


I am keen to make this comfrey and nettle fertiliser.  What weight of nettles & comfrey to, say, a bucket of water?



Ro4, stuff as much comfrey or nettles into a bucket as you have or can and then add enough water to submerge.  There are no hard and fast rules. 

Peat B

Also, as far as I can make out, the 'soup' keeps fr as long as a year. I drain off the the sludge and throw it onto the tumbler composter, along with tea leaves, coffee grounds and  when it has been thrown about for a few weeks, I put the results into a bean trench and huzza ! Beans , rows of musical fruit in abundance. the soup, gets used as and when with seedlings out side, fruit canes, strawbs, as they are hungry little beasts, 

The biggest problem is, up here in N'humberland, the delay in planting out time. We are about 5 to 6 weeks behind the rest of the country, and our plot is North and East facing slope. Sounds complicated, but yu deal with the cards you are dealt with. I feel that the plot is sliding downwards inexorably, year by year. Perhaps terracing might solve or at least slow down the land from rppling up against the bottom of the plot.


I leave nettles out of the gaame as much as I can during the spring time, as they make a VERY healthy tea, addition to Potato soups, and a a spinach substitute.

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