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Beetroot, Leeks, Peas, Carrots and sweeds are just a handfull of all the vegetables that have died or been set back weeks by the horrible weather, how is everyone elses. This is what the garden looked like the summer before last, too embarassed to show this years.


2012 will go down in history. Never have we been so wet, so deep. Places I thought were land have been under water for weeks and too deep for my wellies now. I  have great sympathy for anyone trying to feed the family or make a living.

Oakley Witch

I lost everything this year due to wireworm. I managed to get some carrots and spring onions but they were lifted well before the weather turned really bad up here. First time in 6 years I haven't had a proper harvest 


Huwsnursery, is that youtube address supposed to be some kind of link, if so, it isn't working.

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