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hi all.. my agapanthus have flowered this year for first time as i moved them last year.. i was wondering if they re flower if you de head them or not..sorry if seems bit dumb question..


Normally I would say no-but my neighbours did re-flower last year when we had that mild spell up to Christmas-so wait and see.


thanks sotongeoff.. i hve never tried it before but just wondered as the are dying down now. will let  ya know.

In a season like this many things have flowered again and very quickly. My delphiniums are as tall as they were in the spring in full glorious flower. I do deadhead everything ASAP because it does no harm, plant looks better and any energy the plant has is used to flower again. Delphiniums are supposed to flower again but in September if deadheaded soon enough but this year the flowering is so early and total.

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