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I'll join Flowering Rose with the bigger garden and paddock. Can I include some serious cat housing, my style is a real home from home with links back to my pad. Oh, for the money to develop a very large garden and lots of personal time and good health to spend doing it. Polytunnels and greenhousing a must. Guess for this year I'll just settle for a riddle that sits over a wheelbarrow.


Just good health to enjoy it all and watching the wild life enjoying it  too

two front teeth quote spike jones. or a hippopotimus


jatnikapyar,  I agree with you 100%; good health to us all, and to the wildlife!


More energy. Always get so tired battling with Fibromyalgia and arthritis but i love my garden and allotment well worth it. And of course a place in the country room for a pony adonkey half a dozen chickens and a dog..........

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