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17/08/2013 at 09:18

As i said yesterday it was a changing period in the allotment times "a bit like the old cowboy days in away, the girls had arrived and the men we're about to find out,

I noticed little things like net curtains on the tool shed window's,

And tool sheds you could see what was inside them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tools and the like all hanging in their own space, neat little jars with string in and so forth,

Nothing like most of the mens shed's "you couldnt see day light in them never mind tools",

And the old thunder box !!

Well it was re-named the toilet and the old string loo paper holder had been re-placed by a proper one with a nice loo roll (pink coloured) paper,

But the site comic had his way and put his sign in there saying allotment issue "please use both sides" of this paper,

We had  a spray in there and a lock on the door? And a nice new seat "no more freezing shock feel as you lowered yourself on those cold winter days of need,

Yes the ladies had arrived,

Every saturday morn we "the lads"  would start the days gardening off by a cup of what looked like tea and the much loved bacon and sloppy (half cooked ) egg toasty,  a squirt of sauce and we'd all be happy telling jokes as we ate the start of the day treat,

As we take a bite sauce & egg would try to escape out of the sides of the toasty and it would be met by a big lick of a tongue,

But after the ladies had their first saturday eat in things changed and strange sights appeared like "tissue paper &  a feeling you we're in your grand mothers house " so no dripping sauce or tongue catching tricks,

But these we're all good things,

we men needed & thanks to the ladies arrival,

and we still had many a laugh with them or at them.

Pam became one of my very best friends as did emma, Pam wasn't some kind of loose single mum as some thought when she first arrived infact her husband had died and he never saw "Emma" but still this woman continued to live a life and made a good mum to emma,

We saw wheel barrows with flower design's on them, yellow rubber gloves & pink wellies walking about the place.

We really did love that site and all got on really well through good and some very trying times like when we had our break-ins and tools we're taken and crops destroyed for the sake of it, the old thunder box was set alight and the nice new seat "provided by one of the ladies was ripped apart all in the name of youth,

But we carried on and this upset became a bad thought, but when the letter's arrived telling us we had 6 months and then this site would be taken off us,

This wasn't going to be a past bad thought "but a future one".

"Well" it was a very sad day and the soul just fell out of the old allotments,

it wasn't worth planting any more, and as the members gave up i was glad the site comic did'nt

"he said one saturday morn as we ate our bacon toasty "

"Has anyone else noticed the loo rolls are lasting a hell of a lot longer"

We just fell about the place laughing at his daft remarks,

that was the last time we'd be allowed on site as the council we're to close the gates on the monday for the very last time and what was our adult play ground would become houses.

All that saturday members could be seen taking their tools etc off site and saying good by to each other,

The last three people to leave was me Pam & emma, and as i walked "tools in hand' past the old loo i could see the loo roll paper just hanging there and it made me think "it did last a lot longer these days as most of the members had left,

We closed the gates and locked the pad lock and tried to say "see ya"

but i could feel the grit in the eye coming (real men dont cry "no they just ge

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