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The golf course should put up some high netting - there is some on a golf course near here which prevents local householders' windows getting smashed!

If your tools are getting pinched paint them pink!  They won't be able to sell them at the car boot sale then 


Good Morning all , Arn't you very lucky , the county council who own the land where I have my plot prohibit sheds and g/h poly-tunnels above 5 ft .my plot has a broken Aldi green house with no door that I call my permanent umbrella the council have yet to say I have to take it down (it's held up with two screws) as you can see from the picture there is a lot of open space at the back of me and the wind that come's from the s/e would cut you in two .The compost bin to the right of the G/H is where I keep my tools For larger tools  I have to bring them home each time .the picture was taken in the 1st week of feb'




i wish the councils would all agree.i agree with you dovefromabove but the owner of the holiday camp is denying the balls are from his range,(where else would they be from} so our commitee are writing to there insurers already one lady has had her greenhouse window smashed and there are couples with children as well.well dereck,what can i say about your photo,its a lot of space,we are allowed to have a shed 6ft x 4ft and also greenhouse but the council also provide sheds at £8 per year,im sure your plot will look fantastis in the summer i dont know how to put photos on sorry.

i feel sorry for you all.

With that type damage I give up gardening or be in jail for A/B of the offenders.


Oh 'eck, him again - yet another ID 

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