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Have others noticed that when you start to get interested in gardening, you suddenly start to shush everyone when the weather forecast is on?  I'm now borderline obsessed with the weather!

The ladies at my son's primary school have stopped watching the weather forecasts and just ask me now (no pressure!), I wondered what other people do to try and predict our unpredictable climate?  I use a mix of TV forecast, long range forecast from the interweb, what's going on outside the window, and various bits of weather lore (like lots of berries on the rowan = long or cold winter, we get what America gets but 6 weeks after them etc)

Is it just me that's obsessed (not much else I can do in the garden as I don't have a greenhouse), or is everyone else the same?  What do you do to try and predict what to sow and when?


I have been a weather watcher for 5+ years - not because of the garden but to know what to expect when I have to take the dog for a walk.  I don't have to garden if it's not suitable weather but she has to go for a walk.


Ha ha, yes I am obsessed with it too - I'm always checking it. Partly so I can work out when a good washing/drying day is coming up.


I worked with someone who was obsessed with the weather.  Nearly drove me round the bend as it was the first words that came out of her mouth every morning.  She's still a good friend. I try not to listen as, that way, I'm not disappointed.  According to the forecast at the top of this page, on Wednesday, it said that by today it should be a lot warmer and tomorrow and Sunday would be even better.  It's not and I'm not holding my breath for the weekend.  I'll take it as it comes.


I'll just say one of my other interests is astronomy, so I have it bad, so bad in fact that when I start my web browser it automatically opens 8 weather-related websites!


Astronomy affects the weather?  I know that the moon controls tides, but had no idea that what's in the skies (apart from the sun, obviously), has an impact on the weather?  Tell me more, I'm interested!  I'd be even more interested if you can predict us some solar flares for a lovely summer


I'm interested in astronomy too Bob...we've had a couple of lovely dark skies this week

I think that the only time I get really obsessed with the weather is when I'm wanting to plant out my little darlings grown from seed. My BiL is a retired he is absolutely weather-obsessed.


Nope, nothing in the universe (apart from the Sun) has any bearing on the weather at all, but I can't use my telescopes if it's cloudy, so have to try and plan my viewing sessions around the clouds.  Bit tricky (to say the least) in the UK! 

DOH!  Didn't think of that, of course, you can't see the stars when we're wearing a blanket of cloud.


My beloved is a control freak so insists on taking charge when we get the 'big scope' out...but I have a nice old 4" orion that I can whip out of the garage as and when I want to use it. Living 3 miles from a busy city centre we don't see much...but we still get good views of the planets.


I'm a farmer's  daughter so my childhood was governed by the weather - the house fell silent when the weather forecast came on the radio and tv.  Nowadays the farmers have much more  specialised forecasts available to them but way back Pa relied on Bill Giles and Michael Fish et al.  I also grew up learning how to study the weather and look for signs to see what sort of weather was coming, recognising which direction the wind is coming from and the height and type of clouds etc.

Nowadays I check in with the Met Office website every day. 


Hi Cheery, it's great to hear of someone else on the forum with the same interest!  Light pollution is awful in and around our cities, I agree.  I have to use a LP filter (which cost a small fortune) but helps a lot, particularly with photography.  Here's an image I made of Messier 63, the Sunflower galaxy (to keep it gardening related!) from 2009:




Brilliant picture BTB - I have only recently begun to appreciate how facinating the night sky is - would love to get a telescope.



Hi ,and a very good morning , I live approx 500 mts from the sea and farmers who live along the coast are 5-6 weeks a head of farmers who are near Drogheda and its only 3 k from the sea

weather is glorious this pas week,long may it continue




Hi Derek  - my son lives on the coast (about a mile from the beach) and they've had a much milder winter than we have - they've had the wet yes, but they've had very little snow compared with the rest of us and far fewer frosts.

Gorgeous day today - gardening here I come 

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