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Busy Bee2

As drugs go, aspirin is pretty simple.  As the article hints, it is made from willow bark, and the active ingredient is, I think, salicylic acid.  The main dangers of using it are perforation of the stomach, so it is implicated in stomach ulcers/cancers, but the advantages are in the prevention of stroke, the free flowing of blood etc.  Therefore it gets, alternately, a good or bad press from rags like the Mail. 

As for its use on tomatoes, well some people advocate feeding them with diluted wee, which contains uric acid, and then other people advise making insecticides from rhubarb leaves, which contain an altogether more dangerous form of acid - name escapes me.  I don't think it would do any harm.  However, I am of the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' school of thought, and unless I felt that my tomatoes were suffering from any of the things mentioned in the article, I probably wouldn't seek to remedy them. 

So I guess those are my thoughts, but I will bear in mind aspirin if the tomatoes this year don't work for some reason. xx


personally I'd always double check anything written in the Daily ( Hate ) Mail, including the date.

Busy Bee2

Hostafan, are you implying that all the things they say in the Daily Mail aren't true??  I was quite looking forward to the introduction of Sharia Law by 2030...!  And do you mean to tell me that when I have had my seventh child I WON'T be entitled to a fifteen bed mansion on the state?


BB2, will it really be as late as 2030?



I have enough trouble convincing my partner to take an aspirin when he's a headache at least tomato plants wont want it crushing up in a jam sandwich. 

Orchid Lady

LOL Clari, I don't read the Daily Snail much, it was OH that told me about it....he then asked would we need to cut a mouth hole in the tomatoes to feed it the aspirin  See what I have to put up with 

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