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So how do I make an anti fungal spray??? Want to ensure I eliminate anything when bringing my cuttings home and sowing my seeds


Hi RD, I think we all try and spray chemicals around as little as possible these days.  If you wash your pots and seed trays in hot water with a bit of detergent and use good quality seed compost you should be fine.  You can even microwave the seed compost to sterilize it if you like.  Gardeners of old used to make anti-fungal sprays using various compounds which were easily available from chemists (eg copper sulphate) but as most of the chemicals used were quite poisonous to humans if accidentally (or otherwise) consumed, the powers that be have restricted the sale of most of them in recent decades.

Mark 499
You can use Hydrogen Peroxide as a prevention for damping off, it's also useful for soaking seeds before sowing. Some people water their pot plants with it as well.
Only use a 3% strength mix though.


Hygiene is the key word.  Clean fresh compost, sterilised pots, and good aeration with good  spacingshould be enough to provide healthy cuttimgs and plants.

I wash everything and I am fastidious and water with tap water. My problem is space, I have a 5ft by 35 plastic greenhouse. Only a door for ventilation and as it has a green reinforced threat in a check pattern it suffers with not as much light. I'm just trying to do my best, things were slower and I got green mould and a grey powder mould. so anything to help that would be a bonus!


3.5ft not 35, otherwise I would be in my element!!!


Thanks for the clarification RD - my mind was boggling a bit at the size of that! 

ooops, that's typing on a phone for you!!!

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