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Hi Guys. My son has just been given an Atco Balmoral 17s. He is wondering about getting a scarifier head for it too. Do all Balmorals use the QX cassette system? How can I tell if its a cassette cylinder or not?

Papi Jo

Hi all lawn lovers. Does anyone own a Gardena electric roller mower, either battery or cable model? Any comments?

Papi Jo

Bump! No-one uses a Gardena electric roller mower?

Easiest way to tell if your Balmoral lawnmower has the QX cassette system is to take a close look above the blades, if there's a metal horizontal handle just to the rear and above the blades then it has the cassette system as this handle is used to pull the cassette out.

To remove and exchange the cassette you first need to remove the right hand (viewed from in front of the mower) side panel, this is done by removing the 4 allen studs that hold it in place then remove the 2 allen studs, one either side of the cassette and towards the front of it. Once this is done grasp the formentioned handle and give it a sharp tug towards you, the cassette should now lift out.

Top Tip......... Before you refit the allen studs, run a little oil over the threads as this will help prevent the studs from rusting and freezing into the chassis making subsequent cassette changes super simple.

Hi Andy. Thanks for the above info. It was a cassette model and he bought one. I have been using it and have come across a problem with it not starting. It seems to have a tilt switch which has been broken from its mounting in the past. I hit a bump and next thing it wouldn't start. Do you know anything about these switches?



I am very sorry if this is very naive of me but what is so great about the Qualcast Suffolk Punch 4/43S compared with other cheaper models on the market?  What is the difference in the cut?

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