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Particularly wondering what David thought of the Sweetpeas. Thought most were disappointing.

star gaze lily

Oh whatsits, forgot it was on, will have to watch on catchup 


...enjoying this very much....


Mmmm, think I would have preferred another hour of Gardeners World. However British Gardens in Time is well worth watching.


The main thing I have to criticise about the show is that it didn't really show you how to grow the plants yourself. It dusted over that but and spent along time on the judging bit. 


Orchid Lady

I've recorded it so not reading the comments, will be interested to see what it's all about and expect as a newbie I will learn something 

Green Fingered Mikey
I am watching it now so far so good looking forward to some tips

I have to say it didn't seem to focus on the 'gardening' aspect as much as I had hoped.


I started watching with scepticism - but i actually really enjoyed it!  Something a bit different

Steve 309

I too started watching with scepticism (my default setting) and when (as expected) it turned out to be not so much a challenge as a competition I switched over to see who was being bumped off in Midsomer.  I do dislike the need to bring the element of competition into everything on telly these days! 

Rant over.     Should I give it another chance?  Will I learn anything?


I thought it was an interesting programme - quite accessible for non-gardeners and still interesting for gardeners, plus the flower arranging / jam making tips are likely to have a broad appeal. 

It was never going to be a 'Gardening advice' programme but I thought it was probably a bit light on the technique / advice elements of the growing; that's coming from a keen gardener thought and not someone who wanted to watch something that's a bit like "Great British Bake off"...!! 

Always a tricky balancing act with a programme like this but I think overall they got it pretty spot on. 

I will be trying to make Rhubard & Custard Curd (looked delicious!) and won't be going anywhere near the cornflour!!!!

Steve 309

Hmmm.... OK....maybe

What I did like was Hugh Fearnley-Whatsit's programme on allotments where a a group started from scratch and ended up with masses of food, including a pig!

Not as instructional as I hoped in the way of giving me advice on growing fruit and vegetables. But as with most programmes on BBC2 they tend to incorporate cooking. All the travel programmes now have a cooking element. In the end it turned into a grow your own version of the great British Bake Off.


For entertainment values it wasn't a bad way to waste some time in front of the goggle box. I think once characters grow it'll develop more.

Surely I wasn't the only one that looked at a certain teams manicured nails with confusion and wondered why you'd think them suitably gardening hands as I wiped my mud stained hands on my mud stained jeans

Steve 309

Heh heh.  Yes.  My fingernails and all the cracks in my fingers are more or less permanently black!  (note to self: buy new nail brush)


Agree with Scroggin and Cairnsie.    Would love an hour long Gardners World,and this program didn't show nearly enough of the actual gardening and growing,which is what I was hoping for.   Fern Britton presenting also spoilt it for me. Sorry.

Not an exciting prog.....seems like I'm watching master chef or something. 

Nothing to learn so far from it.  


Not as bad as expected, but a shame that couples have to be dumped each week.  If they were left in to the end they would learn and probably improve and we would all learn by their mistakes too.   Also what a waste of all their hard work over the previous weeks and I wonder what happens to their now unattended plots.

Green Fingered Mikey
I enjoyed it but I was hoping for more input not competition still it was fun to watch the competitors making jam (no cornflower allowed)