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Green Fingered Mikey
Hi i was just wondering if anyone else on here was from Rochdale,thought it great to talk to people from my local area and get tips on what they grow etc..could even swap flowers or seeds in future

Have you tried looking up garden clubs in your areas Mikey?

Steve 309

Liverpool close enough?


Don't give up Mikey - not everyone will have been on the forum yet this weekend.

Good luck though.


I'm from Heywood but i'm a beginner gardener : )
Steve 309

We were all beginers once.

I used to know a girl from there!

Heywood used to be a nice place once : )

i'm not but I've had real difficulty finding a gardening club that is local enough to me, so I can get to it via public transport, the car is very much out of action for the foreseeable future atm.


Hopefully someone will be near to you!

Green Fingered Mikey
Thanks all ,Steve liverpool is a bit to far for me as I don't drive, Mrs Garden no never really thought of it so thanks for the idea
Green Fingered Mikey
Smiler1 I am a beginner to and you live not to far from me so maybe we could swap seeds etc... once we get the hang of things, Do you know Springfield Park if so the big flower boarders by the tennis courts I help maintain them and help the Hopwood collage students with there boarder I am a green ranger volunteer we are based on green lane

Gracie Fields was from Rochdale.

kathleen 2

I'm from Rochdale I live near the moors I'm always busy in my garden when the weather let's me

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