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We've had easy winters last few years then rubbish summers.. anyone else think this extended winter cold means a decent summer at last? I'm hoping it does, I'm already ferreting out my beefsteak tommy seeds lol, (sorry geoff, for the use of lol!) Anyways I hope you all have everything crossed like me, although I'm yet to work out toileting !!!

No! The jet stream is probably not going to alter position this year.

not a chance ,the type of summers we had as kids back in the 60,s and 70,s are long gone when in the past 30 years do you remember snow in march . I was down on my allotment on the 17 march and empty ed a rain gauge of 3" of rain and between then and today there was a further 3" of rain ,i think we are in for a very wet summer again this year , the only way to counter this is to cover your growing area with plastic or glass




now, now derek... eee of little faith


Im sat inside as the snow still falls in Sheffield. I would guess we have nearly a foot now. Some trees and shrubs are now bent over and touching the ground. Please please let it improve soon.


Just been talking to my Sister in Oswestry -we had exactly the same conditions 12 years ago-it snowed at my BIL's funeral-so this is not unusual

2001 was a good Summer-live in hope

Bunny ...
2006 was hot , we were building ...sweating in heat listening to revellers enjoying themselves

Here in Edinburgh - I'm in the town and the little garden is surrounded by high buildings.  BUT - the wind somehow swirls around and everything ends up leaning over in one direction, even with a reasonable amount of shelter.  Last years continual rain made me decide to stick to quite tough perennials and shrubs this year.  I went mad last year doing most things from seed but my favourite annuals were only really worthwhile when I'd limited them to pots and could move them around to cope with the blasted weather.  They didn't have much survival or quantity of bloom power in constant rain.

So I'm being really cautious this year and sticking to as many touch shrubs and perennials as I can manage which I think will put up a decent show if the weather turns out to be minimal sunny days. 

Can anybody tell me why on the blue band at the bottom of my thread posts it says 'Path' and I can't post any photos anymore?  Have I committed a sin of some kind and being technically toyed with - i.e. has some setting to be changed to allow me to once again post photos?  Also when trying to post this thread - where I've tried to type the letters path, it replaces with a Smiley sticking it's tongue out?  Which might happen here as I've tried to type it again.


yarrow-it is all part of the technical issues- the path bit-some photos have been posted today.

Miss Becks

yarrow, I uploaded a couple of pics earlier on, but normally when you press upload, the circle thing goes round. But it didn't. So I pressed upload again, and it switched to saying 'save', but no picture preview, like normal, which confused me. But when I did press save, the picture went into my post as normal.

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