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Hello all gardeners, just wondering if anyone here has their own garden page on the internet and am keen for suggestions on how to develop one. At present I just have a facebook page and I upload pictures and information on whatever is in bloom or whatever project I'm trying to undertake.

Does anyone else have a page and is there a better way of maintaining one than on Facebook where the items only remain current for a short time before going into the history books?

The name of my page is the same as my user name here if anyone wishes to take a look at what I have been up to or whats been in bloom in my garden.  


I kept a gardening and picture site on line for several years - - but have now ceased doing it.  At the time it was a good way of sharing my garden with friends and relatives, but the needs for that hae changed and so I have not kept it up for the last couple of years.  When the domain name or server contract comes up I shall let it lapse.  It gave great pleasure for a few years, but has now outlived its purpose.

It was fun to do, I still have all the pictures and so on - go for it, just don't expect it to be needful for ever.  Enjoy, we had alot of fun with it, and many people semed to enjoy it. 

Urban Wildlife

I had a blog running for a while telling the story of my allotment garden and chooks to be honest though it is easy to let the desire to have a successful blog drive what you do rather then than just tell your story. It also can take up so much time you get nothing done to write about .  It all got a bit too much so I packed it in.

Just my experience it can work fine if you keep everything balanced.



Have you tried using a free blog provider such as



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