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Forgive me, this post is not about April or indeed ...being in my garden but a digression with a sort of garden anecdote:

 What hangs in my living room.


 Many years ago, I sculpted a head that I could not cast, so I sacrificed it to the garden. It wasn't weather-proof, so its long gone, but my plants have since grown

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Out with the camera and iscovered this in the wild shady garden.

Wonder if this link will work.


It works when I click on it---it's a dogtooth violet

katy 1123 should have mentioned that the tender succulents go into tufa planters in the garden for the summer and back into the house-densely planted- in the winter.


Inka -got it now

Wintersong-everything is fine,all tangents welcome.


Wintersong, I love your sculptures--I have a few in the garden that I did as demos in terracotta when I was teaching kids. It was fun--but alas, I no longer have access to a kiln. Nowhere near your standard, however. Are they glazed?



The Greek head was carved in clay and cast in plaster. We broke some strands of hair removing it so I finished it with a stone effect paint to detract from the damage.

The Chinese Dragon was carved in air-dry clay and painted to finish because we were having difficulty with the casting methods. You can get hardeners to protect air-dry clay although I never did and lost a few pieces over the years because it becomes quite fragile.

I never owned a kiln (although we did look into it ) and was unable to cast the last head at the time which is why it eventually got sacrificed (it started to go mouldy under its cover). I also gave some air-dry pieces away as gifts (usually Fengshui dragons for good luck) but then stopped using clay altogether as I wanted to pursue stone, being advised to travel through wood first since stone can be extremely difficult.

I'm determined to get to wood at some point but currently have very little ability even to search for broken bits in the woods since I don't drive. But I will get there all in good time


Inka - Is that link in morse code?

I have never managed anything more artistic than gardening!  Although my lemon curd is a quite artistic shad of yellow....

Only 9 working days left before my holiday.

I think that a lot of double planting comes about naturally.  A lot of summer plants disappear in the winter, leaving room for all the spring bulbs and cyclamen to do their thing.  Rozanne is coming up and covering the crocus leaves now.

I am also a fan of layering bulbs in a pot so you get a sucession of flowers.


Wintersong great sculptures.


I am not having much luck with cyclamen-they seem to grow okay, but they havent bloomed since I bought them in bloom. That's more than a year ago.[at least] They have leaves. They were called Alaska if that helps.


Apparently I'm not having much luck with links either--it's from photobucket. When icick on it, it works okay.


I love your sculptures Wintersong

Inka - click on the Direct Link on the PB photo you have chosen ,then click on the tree icon in the GW message box,Then click on External site ands paste the Direct Link

I struggled with the photo thingy but with lots of help from the kind people on here I got there in the end


Another grey damp day, but they say that it might cheer up later


I have sun !!

-decided against bashing a white ball about-will cut neighbours grass instead

Such fun


Morning All,

Hope everyone is well.  Lovin the sculptures you artistic lovies!  I can't do anything like that   I really do lack artistic imagination.

Just been giving Waverley Council an ear-bashing about their new recycling and rubbish collection service.  They've missed us for 2 weeks now!  I've threatened merry hell if they don't get their backsides in gear   We pay a fortune in council tax for b..ger all.

I'm in the Big Smoke today and tomorrow, and it's grey. 

Yvie (grumpy today, of Cranleigh)

Lion S

One moment we are having sun, the other it is looking VERY dark. No gardening today as I'm almost on my way to another job interview.



Good luck Flower! x



Hope this works,  I followed LilyLouise instruction,  question,  this is Aubretia,  can I split it when it gets bigger.



Rain - nice photo

FC fingers crossed.

Yvie do you need some chamomile tea?


Rain -yes you can split it

Have cut neighbours grass this morning

There has been a rude word broadcast on the BBC just now from the Leveson enquiry-that will get the Mail all hot and bothered-it all went quiet for a moment whilst the presenter recovered from apolexy


I could opt for Chamomile tea Kate, but as that Worzel looking guy, on The Fast Show, used to say  'Today I is mostly eating.......'  CHOCOLATE!

Pretty plant Rain.  I think you can split it.