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Inkadog sorry to here about your finger, hope it is OK today.

Wintersong more photos will always be appreciated

Still raining here.

kate1123 wrote (see)

Wintersong more photos will always be appreciated

I'm staggering them or you will soon get fed up of my spam!


Doesn't matter whether the sun is out or not. There's a huge black cloud hanging over here. Some bl&&dy rabbit family has just discovered the plot.


Oh backyardee, my parents had this problem a few years ago and ended up fencing the entire garden, even though my dad is quite a good shot. Yvie is also plagued by rabbits so you will have her sympathies later.

I have been to the GC and bought a rescue lavander and gave in and bought a Queen Victoria lobelia, having failed to grow it from seed. The sun came out for an hour so I was able to pot them on but raining again now.


I have just been bought a reduced basil plant-finally- you have you lobelia plant!!

It is too wet -the ground need to dry out soon, so I can get the dahlias in before I go away.


Just seen first slow worm of the year!

figrat do you have snakes where you are?

Geoff I smell a rat.


Thanks, Kate--it's black and blue and really swollen,but it's bearable unless I knock it.

Projects will be on hold for a day or two.I love sedums as well--never had a problem with vine weevil---but I have many birds in my garden, so perhaps that's why.It's almost tent caterpillar season here, and signs are that it will be a bad year for them. No sign here--yet.They love roses and fruit trees especially.


Hi Kate 1123,

Yes I've dusted down the shotgun. Wiring off the garden is impractical. All 5 acres would be a pain, even my 2 acres would cost a fortune. I plan to put some ramsons along the bank where they appear to be getting in. They haven't set up home here, but are coming from a field higher up. Still they might not be able to smell 95% of my rabbit munchy plants................ like delphinium, lupins, etc. over the garlic scent of the ramsons


backyardee I hope it works for you, my mum was in tears about the damage.

Inkadog sounds very painful.


David - your garden is beautiful

Wintersong - your photos are gorgeous - I love the poppy

Today one minute it is raining ,the next minute the sun is shining - there was the most beautiful rainbow at 7am this morning

Inka - I hope your finger feels better soon  


Afternoon All,

Hope everyone is well.

Extremes of sunshine and showers here today.  The ground is very boggy.

Kate, put those guilty faces away!  You have rescued a plant, and bought a relatively inexpensive one that you really wanted.  I'm sure you deserved the treat.  You are a good girl   I have sucumbed to the latest catalogue and bought Clematis 'Florida Alba', Astrantia 'Maxima', Geranium 'Double Jewel' and Echinacea 'White Swan'.  And not a shred of guilt!  Hurrah

Inka, ouch!  I would have replaced the Vodka with Brandy, but I like your thinking!  Hope you're feeling better soon.

Lovely pics Winter.  You can tell you're an arty person, just from those few photos.

Thats a generous offer on freecycle Geoff.  Are you tempted?

Backyardee, you have my greatest sympathies.  I hate rabbits!  They are the bain of my gardening life.  Dust off that gun and get going.  Last year, I upgraded my 'Vic's' 'Rat Catcher' air rifle to a 'Weihrauch'.  Cost me a bit, but I saw it as an investment! I can't tell you the amount of times I've been close to tears in the garden, after surveying the damage done by these critters.  We don't have as large a space to fence as you, 1/3 acre, but it would still be expensive and a huge pain due to high fencing and well established, tall Laurels.  I have to cloche most of my plants every night, and have now got all my patio pots on etegerre's, so they are out of the rabbits reach.  I spray a chili and garlic mix on the plants when I remember, but I'm not sure how much good it does.  What are 'ramsons'?



I commiserate about the rabbits-it's heartbreaking to wake up to see your gardening efforts destroyed. Here it is deer---some plants are supposed to be deer-resistant, but in my experience they will eat anything if they are hungry enough-they have even sampled rhubarb leaves! I have learned that a tall fence is the only solution.



Yvie they all look lovely, technically I have no more room in my garden


Yvie-I am no good on boats or anything to do with water-I have to take a sea-sickness pill to go in the Chanell Tunnel so will not be getting a freebie boat-perhaps you and Vic would like to sail off into the sunset while Endless Love played in the background.

Just remember the Titanic.


Hey guys. Third try posting as earlier I blue screened and then when I came back I wasn't signed in!

Grrrr. Anyhow, those with rabbit problems get my full sympathies! I know how heartbreaking it can be to have all your dreams ruined. And get well soon to Inkadog's finger!

Well, I've been a busy girl today landscaping two areas and a big shift around so all my veg beds are now down the very bottom and the middle garden is half way to one big lovely empty full sun bed.

The sun has been shining all day and because both area have never been planted in, the soil is s**t! Which means all that digging wasn't so bad after all.

Here is the progress so far, excuse the mess! All hand dug by moi...


 I'm over the moon with the Veg plot although the soil is rubbish this year, its a work in progress


What an enormous amount of work, Wintersong, but so worth it! Soil improvement is always a work in progress, but always satisfying. Your veg plots look fab, and  I look forward to pics of the new beds. You must be knackered--put your feet up, and have a well-earned glass-you deserve it!


Yvie - Ramsons are wild garlic.

I've looked out of the window and it's raining.  Typical.  Yesterday when I was at work it was sunny all day.  There was such a nice pink sunset last night that I was fooled into thinking it may be OK today.