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Lucky girl - the anticipation would kill me

I saw an amazing show of them at a pub I stayed at in Kent last year and I've hankered after them since.  NOt sure how they'd fare in the northwest tho


An improvement HyppyByker, I'll say!  Fab work.  I've got Ronaldo and love it.  Also Purple Prince. 



Hi all.

Great photos- all that effort pays off.

Have had a lovely day here- sunshine form the word go & still out now. Wind a wee bit keen though, so managed to tuck myself into a sheltered corner plus a good book!

Have collected all the dead wood that had come down from the alleyway tree. Yet again the greenhouse roof survived! Have abandoned contacting the council about it, they just dont care. Think I still have a job reference going back to 03!

Was thrilled earlier to spot a white Dicentra in flower- I thought I'd lost it. Dont think it did much last year, so now have made a note to it's whereabouts. Know that the 2cnd one has gone, but was older & they arent particularly long-lived plants IME.

Kate- I have a dahlia almost in flower in the greenhouse! All of them are really going great guns! J.


Great photos Hyppybyker!

I've had my clump for a few years but last year was its best flowering. It's been moved a couple of times and is now shallow planted over a Clematis in full sun Left in picture) which is heaven for it. It's taken a good decade to get -7 flower spikes on it but then it has been moved twice and probably neglected as well. One year the slugs ate all the flowers while they were tiny green cones at the base, so now I always sprinkle pellets inside the rosettes of thin leaves. I tell you, those slugs are crafty devils.


Wintersong it is cutworms that are attcking my fox tail lily, I went away for 5 days and it was a goner when I got back.

Jo ( don't tell Geoff) one of my dahlias is 12 inches tall, I got started too early



Oh dear Kate, I have to admit, I find these occasionally in my garden but had no idea they actually ate things!

 Saying that, one of my jobs today was squashing about 50 vine weevil larvae in two pots. Obviously I'm a little bit dumb about pests.

Eddie J
Inkadog wrote (se

Eddie, I realise what an enormous amount of work it is to clean up after having large trees like that removed.

I've managed to find another photo from late 2008.

And here is the same area this evening.

The lawn isn't as good as it may appear, it's just the angle of the photo.

And this was one of the many roots being dug out.

Luckily I have been both a tree surgeon and also owned and operated  excavators. Both careers are long in the past, but it certainly helps to keep costs down on the odd occasion that I do need to do something.


Good work Eddie J! Do you get chained up at night to force you to rest? Seems like you never stop!


 Yvie = you will be pleased to hear that your strawberries enjoyed a nice day of sunshine on my patio today

Lottie – I was picturing your tent carrying you away like a balloon with all that wind on Saturday night!

 Geoff -My dad will be keeping Robbie the Budgie in Trill and watering anything which could possibly need watering. It is looking less likely that he will be eating my strawberry crop because they are only just flowering now (and Yvie is going to be eating them anyway).

 It took a heroic effort of willpower to walk to work on a lovely sunny morning after the weekend we have just endured.   I escaped again at 4pm so at least I saw the end of the sunshine  My baby lobelias spent the day outside – yippee.  I really wanted to plant them out before I went on holiday.


KG- which lobelias?

I have just caught 4 very large snails

Tomorrow is May, can the early bird start May in Your Garden, or I will start in when I log in 


I grew a lot of mixed colour bedding lobelias which have been in pots in my potting shed for weeks now.  Each pot is full to bursting and they really want to be planted out.

Looking forward to May in the garden.  Much nicer than a four month long December.


Yipee! It's about to be May!


A couple of years ago I got up at dawn to watch the morris men dancing on the seafront with the queen of the May and the green man.  It was lovely weather, unlike the forecast for tonight!


I apologise profusely for giving your strawbs to Yvieh, Koala Girl. But I'm keeping all mine, so there.MMMMM--strawberry/rhubarb jam and pie!


Off on my holidays tomorrow, so will chat to you all when I get back!



Have a lovely time  and we have moved to May

on the way to Hovenweep

on the way to Hovenweep

penstemon palmeri at Hovenweep, 4 ft. tall