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I dare not post photos.  Not had rain for ages.  Grass has mostly died - that's not a bad thing, no cutting - but plants getting very crisp and dry.  Lost some to the drought.  Rainwater supply just about gone for the veggies.  Trying to keep the bog plants going is a nightmare.  Up goes the water bill.....    Too hot to be outside working in the garden anyway so it's feet up in the shade and a good book.....

Pennine Petal

I love this sedum in between 2 sets of steps, it has been full of bees, insects butterflies over the recent sunny days.

Gary Hobson

Some snaps taken yesterday. I'm not a big grower of sweet peas. But I put half a dozen seeds in a pot, mid-February, and now have these...

Hemerocallis, I like the rich orangey shades of this one...

Some more lilies...

I like the salmon shading of this one...

Bee having a Cappuccino...

Capuccino's have huge blooms...

The bee at the centre of the Cosmos...

Some peacock butterflies on buddlea... I've got lots of nectar plants, but buddlea was the only plant the peacocks were interested in...



Gary, beautiful photos and such good quality too, mine a bit grainy, can't get a clear picture, must be the camera.



Our garden has had mixed fortunes this year, the veg garden has not been up to the usual standard, but we have had some good potatoes, runner beans and soft fruit.Things have improved since the warmer weather arrived.  The flowers borders and climbers have gone mad as you can see from the photos.

 Clematis Huldine, just the lower flowers,

 Honeysuckle and Golden Leaf Jasmine on fence in veg garden

 Hydrangea and hardy fuchsia in gravel garden at back of house.

 Gazebo in side garden where we sit and have a drink

We could now do with a day of gentle rain to replenish water supply in butts, and give the garden a good drink.


@gary.. lovely piccies.. those lillies are gorgeous.. and the butterflies love buddlea hence the "butterfly plant" name it is known as..

i had strange bee on my plants yesterday.. have described it on last post.. any help id would be great.. was gone by time got camera out..

@lovetogarden.. lovely piccs also.. love the gazebo area.. looks restful and quite.. a place to sit and conteplate your garden..



Gary Hobson

@g/f - Hornet wasps look like very large bees - it wasn't one of those was it.


@gary.. i checked them out.. i dont think so.. it was deffinitely black and orange strips with a bright orange face.. the long wings were brown.. so frustrated that it had gone by time got camera.. it was about an inch long and rather fat round.


 think it might if been this one..Vespa crabro (European Hornet) killing a honeybee.. but not as yellowy in colour..


sorry wont add picture i found.. will try and get it..


finally think i got picture up of what i think it is.. thou mroe orangey strips than this..




sorry cant get the picture to load at all.. but think it is an european hornet wasp...

hollie hock

 Great pictures,

@gardenfanatic- thanks for the info re the  white budliea bush. I have a spot in the "woodland garden" that I'm developing. From what I've read these plants are pretty undemanding. I would describe the area as partial shade/shade, with heavy soil. Do you think they would cope with that? Or do you think that they would need more drainage and more sun?

I'm in my first year of Rudbekias, but now the first flowers are up I love them, I think mine are the perennial type....... I hope

as I lot of what I've grown this year are perennial. Although flowers up to Nov if the conditions are right sounds very good to me. Agree they have taken a while to get to get going this year.



I've seen a few peakcocks over the last few days when the sun was out, 

.They seem to  love my big yellow bush (false sunflowers/butterfly bush as they are called in my house) but I suspect they are Buphthalmum..........maybe.

@Robot- I take it you on a water meter? I had one in a property that I lived in a few years ago ( I didn't have a garden then) I find them very expensive

Penninepetal- that low growing Sedum looks very nice, especially as loads of insects are attracted to it.

Great pics Gary-  I love the insects that visit our gardens. Lilies are looking great, mine have only just decided to flower after months of anticipation.

lovetogarden- looks lovely, the recent spell of warm weather has given everything a much need boost. Honeysuckle & Clemantis look stunning.

I love the Gazebo area

Always surprised about how many plants you can get from a few seeds-

 Didn't even realise that I had so many small pots I still need to learn the art of sowing thinly...............or maybe I just need a polytunnel?

Pennine Petal
Lovely gardens everyone, wish mine was bigger, but I guess most of us think that. Isn't it great being able to look so easily into each others gardens. Who says social networking is for the kids??!

Wonderful photos Everyone - I love seeing your gardens

Pam x




A very large beautiful Pellucid Hoverfly was in our garden the other day - it was very patient waiting for me to take its photo

 This is one of my most favourite shrubs - Itea illicifolia

hollie hock

Pam - stunning flowers. Love the sunflowers, the basket dispay and the greenhouse - fantastic

I also like the last  pic with the white flower, really pretty


Thankyou  Hollie- Hock  The white flower is an Agapanthus

Pam x 


@hollie-hock.. no. i am sure your rudbeckias are annuals.. may last bit longe rin warmer climate over winter...but mine dont.. if the have hairy slightly prickly feel stems they are annuals.. the perennial ones are  smooth stemmed and more basal in leaves and grow taller.. and single yellow colours normally.. and die down over winter.i may be wrong hopefully someone will come along hwo knows bit more..

my buddlehia is on the shaded side and gets early  morning sun and late evening sun.. but they are very hardy and i always think white looks better in the shade.. seems to make it shine out.. but i think they will grow anywhere.. thou this one has been harder to get cuttings to take from than the purple ones... someone told me walking past other day that white is un common.. must say the scent is to much sweeter than the purples one.. it just wafts across the gardem.. while i am dead heading.

@lillylouise.. your garden always leavs me in awe.. it is just gorgeous..

everyones piccies are great .. i love looking at other gardens.. i always peeping over hedges and walls when out walking... you can learn alot about what grows and what doesnt in you soil.