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hollie hock

Hi gardenfanatic- the stems are very rough and prickly, but I really don't mind if they are annuals. In fact that's probably better as now I can move things about Lovely plants once they start to flower.

The shady area that I've been thinking of does get some sunshine, I've got a bit of space to fill there. I do like  white in the garden always looks great no matter the weather and sunshine.  Sounds/looks like a lovely plant to have especially as you have propagated it.




@hollie-hock.. i think 2/3 of my garden are my own progated or seed sown plants.. i do stuggle with hard wood cuttings thou.. need more practice on those..

i do think white is good inthe shade i also find shasta daisies prefer little more shade they get morning sun and eveing sun and htey love it.. they were in full sun when first planted them and they hated it.. much happier in shade for last 3 years now.. have split them 2 time since.. maybe they will be good in your shady bit..

hollie hock

Hi gardenfanatic- a lot my garden has been self sown- for me nothing can beat the feeling of having raised plants/flowers from seed,as well as cheaper- plants can be very expensive! I've been collecting seeds and sowing them this year as well. Got some ragged robins seedlings comingHaven't taken many cuttings etc yet, that might have to wait for next year.

Thanks for the info on shasta daisies got a few of these on the go so these might do well in there. I'm hoping to plant them out this Autumn

Dug out my Rudebeckia seeds- says that they are half hardy perennnials. I'm assuming that if there are hard frosts than they wont make it throught the Winter? Same goes for the hardy annuals?

hollie hock

My Lilies are finally flowering, no expert but very late. Worth the wait


The potty gardener

I've never looked in this section before- what a treat! As everyone else says how lovely to be able to see other peoples gardens. I just wish there was a like button as on facebook- I like so many of the pics. I only have a paved back yard but fill it with as many pots as possible. This is also the first year I have tried growing anything from seed. I'll put some pics I've taken of my garden this year but afraid it isn't as wonderful as some on here









 Well that is right round my little garden. I love it.


hollie hock

Hello Bev, I love having a peek at other peoples  gardens too. Thanks for your photos. Your garden looks something special.

Fruit trees have failed to friut this year. Frogs produced spawn in March and I still have 50% of the tadpoles with just back legs. Frogs that have developed are barely 1cm. Early flowering plants flowered late and now crocosmia in full bloom. Tomatoes very poor only 1/2 developing. Raspberries over grown and very little fruit. Good crop of garlic which I planted last november. Peas and runner beans die. On the whole very poor this year for me. A friend of mine had nearly 300lbs of plums last year but only 7 single plums this year. Weather in yorkshire has been so unpredictable and it's had a knock on effect on allotments.

LillyL loved your pics, liked the sunflowers mine didn't do nearly as well. Particularly liked the second from last picture.

Hi, Bev. Thanks for sharing your garden. Such alot of plants.


hi bev.. nice to invite you in to our gardens.. i also love to look at peoples gardens.. it is great for ideas.. think all gardeners arre the same.... my mum is.

@holli-hock.. yeah they dont survive hard frosts very well.. i only ever get about 1 or 2 hard frosts a year and it kills them.. as i say mine go until november or longer if none.. or snow.... wh ich we dont get much off at all.. the weather is was 24 on tuesday and getting hooter wiht each day already 21 here this morning..


i went to Osbourne House Gardens yesterday here are a few pictures..



 love the shape of this tree....



 the view from back of hosue over the solent to portsmouth




 a hankichief tree.. beautiful...

 water lilly..

 lot of the flowers were coming to an end.. so cant wait to go in the autumn to see the tree colours changing..




All the photos are fabulous and what a treat to see such a variation of gardens.  My garden is coming along after all the work, my only wish was that I didn't lay so much lawn,  but have space for lots of pots. After saying that , with the advice given regarding a few little problems the lawn is looking perfect at the moment and I am researching how to look after it in the Autumn and winter. 

All I can say is thanks for all the help and advice from everyone on this website it has given me confidence and I am pleased with the plants I have grown from plugs and seeds and of course my Fig tree, Palm plant even a crop of lettuces. 

Cheers Chris 


Hi, gardeningfantic,

If ever on the Isle of Wight Osbourne House Gardens is a must. Thanks for posting the pics.   


@zoomer44.. yes worth a look as is the Botanical Gardens at Ventnor.. they are awesome.


Pennine Petal

This rose has just blossomed in my garden, it was a plant passed on to me, but didn't know what it was going to be and still don't know what is is, but it's beautiful and has a deep scent.

Unfortunately just the one flower.



hollie hock

Better one flower than none. Next year it might be bursting with them


Pennine Petal

 Plants taking over my washing line!


What a beautiful rose, Penninepetal--I am envious.And your garden looks so lush. Have given up on roses, love them but can't grow them in my garden circumstances. It is extremely dry here-and no rain in sight. Am eking out the watering, and carrying grey water for my pots. Can't wait for the fall rains, as I have many plants to move.

Pennine Petal

Thank you Inkadog, nothing to do with me! The garden is lush and the ground is sodden! You might have some problem conditions, but would you change where you live though?


Not a chance! I am blessed--but just not with roses!

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