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the first fieldfairs have arrived today and only a few swallows left on my Cumbria hillside

Orchid Lady
I'm not far from you little-ann and I would say it's here already All the 'autumn' fruit is ready and we have had the wood-burner on again today.......rubbish

The Lakes is always beautiful though, whatever the season. My favourite working day of the month is my Cumbria day

LittleAnn......that seems early for Fieldfares doesn't it ?  None around here yet (SWest)

usually end September/October.  Swallows not so obvious but no "lining up" on the wires yet .......hope we've got a bit longer yet

It is much earlier than last year but it always takes me by surprise I never get to the end of summer jobs before I need to start getting ready for winter
I don't mind the change in the seasons really

..the sooner it's here...the sooner it'll be over and Spring will be around the corner...and we'll see the return of the internet trolls...refreshed and reworked... and we'll be arguing over the ID of some old bush someone's had in their garden for 50



I bet Cumbria is lovely when the trees turn. My favourite times of the year are the times of change from one season to another. I just love the anticipation of what's to come.

log burner on here too. Lovely and cosy x


I just love the lakes but its been many years since I've been there sadly. Still, I've done quite a few of the peaks. Scafell,Helvellyn,Skiddaw, Old Man of Coniston,Red Pike above Buttermere, the 'High Street' in the eastern fells. Ah,memories.


Hi little ann, missed you hope you are okay

I have chinese lanterns now turning orange, usually happens in late September.

One Hellebore has flowers on

Fishy, never been trecking up mountains but loved the pub near the top of Rinos ? pass had to be in 1st gear for last bit of the mountain / big hill. My fave place in lakes is Coniston.

We have had one Hellebore flowering since end of July, yet the Cosmos grown from seed is just started flowering the seasons seemed to be mixed up.


I've got the sound of big ploughing tractor and seed drill. 

In the low sunshine I can see dragonflies lit up against a shade backdrop. 



Nut - that's the sound that always says to me that summer is passing.

KEF - Wrynose Pass?  That's a good test for a car but leading off it is Hardknott Pass. S-bends and 1:3 gradient but worth it for the Roman fort at the top. Oh yes Coniston is beautiful 

Orchid Lady

My fave place in the lakes is Coniston too, I have had some lovely times there with friends and family.  Our best friends (the ones we drink with KEF ) hire a cottage each year and we spend some time with them, eating and drinking far too much, although we do partake in big walks (up near Old Man but I've never been to the top!) in between to work it all off 


Now you're making me envious OL  What's the name of the pub on the outskirts of Coniston as you're heading south out of the village. Not the Black Bull/Bull?


No 'The Sun' I think? 

Orchid Lady

We go in the Black Bull (where they make Bluebird Bitter) or The Sun Inn, depending on whether food or beer is the priority  I've never made it up Old Man because we normally go either just before Christmas or the beginning of Feb and the cloud has always been too low  Best time of year for peaceful walks though and lovely sitting by the real fire afterwards 



sorry i havnt been around much lately i hope i can catch up with all the goings on soon



Nice to 'see' you again Ann. Hope you're well  

Steve 309

Everything's early this year.  Courgette & squash plants have gone over, late blight came in July and it's Christmas next week.

The pass you're trying to remember in he lake District, KEF, is Wrynose (as in bent peak I imagine) rather than Rhinos!

My brother used to run a firm called Rhino and the in-joke was that they were called that because they were thick-skinned, short-sighted and charged too much!

I am not 100% sure - please advise if I am wrong - however, my Viburnum Bodnantense Dawn has flowers all over it and pretty sure it is spring flowering?

Also, have some muscari that are developing their green leaves already! That said, my Gladioli's are only just coming out. I also planted out some Foxglove I grew from seed a couple of months back, which are now starting to send flowering spikes high up in the air - pretty sure they were not meant to flower until next year?

Looks like everything is a little upside down at the moment with the weather we are having!

We have just recently returned from a lovely break in the Lakes, staying not too far away from Windermere. Beautiful area and picture perfect scenery.