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It would be nice if all posters put an avatar picture on -there are plenty of images on the web or a picture from their garden-just something- those blank pasty faces are so boring- and scarey

-and perhaps filled out a bit more about themselves on their profiles-especially those with the "Tower Hamlets" location-at least then others would then know a bit more about you and where you are writing from.

Just a suggestion.

I can't up load foto's on my IPad Geoff, would love to post something next to my profile but can't. If I did it would be a photo of two doggies I knit called Fred and bob. Fred looks as if he is an a accident waiting to happen and bob is a beagle. They are very lifelike and sit together on one of my armchairs.

I quite agree, am a sinner myself, but I just haven't found a photo of myself which is beautiful enough ! Will put one in soon though, as soon as I've figured out how to do it. I have filled in a profile though, even if i haven't been able to get rid of the Tower Hamlets yet. Never did get a reply to my e-mail asking why my real location doesn't appear.

SwissSue wrote (see)

I quite agree, am a sinner myself, but I just haven't found a photo of myself which is beautiful enough....

I found one which is quite a good likeness of me 


I love it Dove, if one kisses it, does it turn into a princess? As you can see, I've finally managed it. I'm a Leo with an Apple!


SwissSue wrote (see)

I love it Dove, if one kisses it, does it turn into a princess?  

I shall have to ask my other half 

Actually, it's a photo of the frog we found in our garden the first week we moved here - I was so thrilled - now we see quite a few and have to watch where we walk - next door have a pond - they'll be spawning soon 


I like to see what pictures people have chosen and I regularly look at what they've written about themselves, it's a bit disappointing when there is nothing.

jon cob is your name meant to be a play on con job?


I asked that because there had been a previous things about trolls that I didn't really understand and you were on that. My name is quite simply after the plant Busy-Lizzie (impatiens) because my name is Liz, I've never heard of another slang term. I'll have to google it. I hope you weren't being unfriendly, I didn't mean to be - just curiosity.


Googled it and only found plants.


This is for you, jon cob:

I'm still figuring out how to try and upload a photo....think I may have found a this space.........!!!!!

It's a district of London, very built up, I've never been there but would imagine no green areas to speak of.
I like the avatars and have got used to using smilies though once I couldn't abide them. I think it's very useful to know where in the country / the world people are gardening - not to be nosey but because they may talk about the weather or plants that need certain conditions.

Best of luck with uploading a pic flowerbird, you'll be so chuffed with yourself when you do it!




I have been through Tower Hamlets-one of the poorest London boroughs backing onto London's biggest icons and only a short distance from the City-a real contrast,

Jon cob-is it really such a waste of time?-you seem to have plenty on your hands-but OK -I can live without your input-in more ways than one

Nice avatar Sue-I do hope others join youplease-it brightens the place up.


Yes, Sue I really like your lion.


I really dislike smileys so never use them and am not convinced about the need for avatars.   I will certainly not be posting a photo of me.   I like the anonymity of these boards which may seem paradoxical given that I also enjoy close personal friendships with people I met through the Beeb boards and like to think of people on here - with the exception of the troll - as friends or friendly acquaintances.

Gary Hobson
obelixx wrote (see)

... I will certainly not be posting a photo of me..

But very few people post real images of themselves.

Geoff has posted a picture of his chickens, and flo has her marmalade jar, some people have wide angle shots of their gardens, others have favourite plants.

It's more about using your imagination.

The majority of people don't use their real names - they make something up.