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Having  always watered my Azaleas  with collected rainwater , I have during this hot spell given them a wide berth when using tap water      (  with the hose pipe).  I then have gone back with collected rain water and given them a good soak.  

But after my latest visit to our nursery and seeing the watering being done with the hosepipe  I started thinking that we are advised when planting to use Ericacius compost and to water with rainwater.    But how come they use the hosepipe , with which I assume comes straight from the tap ?

So any that die on us customers  I ask myself " Is it realy our fault or are they slowly dyeing before we bring them home ? "

I have in the past bought Azaleas from the accident corner for a much reduced price and I have been un lucky - they die at the first hurdle , is this why ?



It all depends on your water - is it hard or soft? If it is hard then rainwater is better. However tap water is better than no water.


My azaelias and pieris are doing fantastically well on our recycled soapy bathwater,  the peiris is shooting out its red leaves and every other ericaceus plant doing fine, i think they would rather have tap water than none at all, as privious post says.

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