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For those who were on the BBC gardening board and food boards and were upset at their demise last year-whilst the Archers one-which had little to do with the programme continued-this too is now set to close

There is only the POV board left now-but that will shortly be culled at some point.

Not a lot to do with gardening this discussion-but a sign of the times


Have never listened to the Archers except when it has been on at a friend's house once or twice.  Don't do soaps of any sort so don't understand the fuss but no doubt it will be aloss to its community.

Didn't they have boards for Strictly while it was on?


Gary Hobson

Those of us who emigrated found a higher standard of living, and a nicer climate here.

We can post photos on here, and send private messages.

And threads like Fork Handles don't get shut down by the thought police.

Hi Obs - the Archers boards became a place to talk about almost anything - as well as the programme itself.  There are/were countless topics, & I particularly enjoyed the ones about gardening, dogs, horses etc and I found it a very entertaining website - so am sorry it will soon cease to exist.


I understand HCF, but you can do all that on here too really.  The Archers boards may also spawn spin offs as the Beeb gardening ones did when they banned OTGF and brought in the three minute rule.

How are things with you and your dogs?  Ours are very happy at the mo cos I'm stuck at home on the sofa all day for a month recuperating from major foot reconstruction so they get lots of cuddles and then a decent walk from OH when he gets home as he does a one hour circuit weekdays and 2 to 3 hours on weekends with plenty of time off the lead.

They also love running around in the garden in all the snow and go fossicking for rats and other country rodents.   Good job I can't get out there to see the damage yet.  Rasta has been skating on the pond but not Bonzo who seems to have some basic commmon sense depsite all the daffiness.


Hi Obs - it'd be nice if we could start a totally-unconnected-with-gardening thread about dogs, wouldn't it!

My two are fine, by the way - the younger one had to have his annual booster jab this morning & the vet said she couldn't believe it was a year since I first took him there!


I occasionally watch GW on my mum's TV. Otherwise I watch nothing. I have no idea what anyone here is talking about. Is this likely to create problems for me as time goes on do you think.


Horses for courses nutcutlet--wouldn't worry about it-dont expect you do??

I will watch anything and everything-including listening to the Archers on a Sunday Morning-not sure if that makes me a bad person either

Each to his or her own


That's OK then. Occasionally I notice the scale of my ignorance. 



Nutcutlet - if you have Sky you can get BBC radio on your telly and a lot is available to listen to on-line too.

DK - why not start an Archers Potting Shed on here for refugees?   Those of us who don't follow the Archers can easily ignore it and those who do may find new friends.


Thanks obelixx. No sky except the one with sun and clouds. No telly either. I watch old gardening stuff on you tube sometimes.


I used to contribute a bit to the Archers mb but there were too many outbreaks of spitting and an awful lot of complaining for my taste. I prefer a cheerier outlook on life


Sorry HCF.  I missed your reply for some reason.

I suspect a thread about dogs in gardens could run and run.   My pair like to go chaising up into the far corner as fast as they can in case anything's lurking and then Rasta has a good dig about for rats and other rodents or hedgehogs which can be a pain when she makes a crater next to some treasured plant or heads for China in pursuit of a mole in the lawn.

Bonzo likes to inspect the pond by going ploof ploof through it and I've seen the perisher trying to emulate Rasta and dig for moles but, being a Labrador, he lacks her terrier technique and tenacity.   Still leaves me with a bomb site though. 


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