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I watched it again this morning and was just as pleased with it.     So much more lively than GW and with relevance to gardeners with more limited space and means as well as those with acres and/or deep pockets. 

Gardening Grandma

Having never seen it before, I watched it with interest while clearing up the kitchen. I really liked it and learnt quite a bit. It is a different climate from the coastal plain of South Wales, but there was a lot to relate to and  enjoy.

been on holiday and just returned to a lovely line up of fav programmes about guess what gardening,sunday morning  bbc 2 8.00 am kicks of with garderns world, the a to z gardening followed by beechgrove which i have just watched, loved it, dont like the snow up in scotland though, but what a great way to start a sunday, now off to the local GC ??



Yes, it was enjoyable if you could take your mind off the weather.  I was almost in tears as i watched the freezinf presenters suffering for their art.  no one should have to suffer that much.  But i will be cutting away the leaves of my epimediums today.  I must say it looked an expensive program to produce all year round. 


They are all professional gardeners who are use dto teh outdoors and have the clotehs and tools to cope.  I noticed that neither the garden owner nor the presenter in Problem Corner was rugged up to the neck so they're clearly made of sterner stuff up in Scotland.   Most of the UK has had that weather too and far layter than is usual so all teh advice about keeping off the soil and warming up beds and protecting plants is relevant UK wide except maybe in Cornwall.

The Beechgrove garden was set up decades ago as a permanent home for Scottish gardening TV and employs staff as well as having the presenting team come in and do features for the programme.      If Greenacres had been set up with as much forethought and integrity it might well have survived as a permanent home for GW but it was doomed from the start by bad planning, bad implementation and IMHO, bad presenting and filming and editing.



Beechgrove was great the only thing that would be better is old beechgrove.

Since it was filmed in February its a bit old and current weather can be quite different with a 35 year history it should be possible to find episodes which are more relevant to the current month and conditions.

would be good recycling by the bbc.


Loved it. Have regularly watched it on i-player, so now to have recorded it to watch as & when is bliss. J.



Just watched this, OH recorded it, despite the snow I found it interesting and full of promise and projects for the future.

Can't wait to see how it evolves

Caz W

Really enjoyed Beechgrove - and must agree with the girls about Chris B   Sunday morning TV has never been better!

The potty gardener

Really enjoyed it. The bit about the shaded part of the garden was really good.


Welcome back Beechgrove, spring has definitely here.

the program wasn't recorded in Feb only the piece about snow drops, you can go on the website and find out about the program, presenters and download fact sheets



Thanks little-ann, I got confused by the snowdrop piece, glad I was wrong. Anyway here is a couple of links and times to try and make up for my  misinformation.

runs from the 4th of april 7:30pm thursdays BBC2 Scotland and Sundays BBC2 at 9:30 am.

The program clippings page looks useful

Most of these are from last year so should be good for planning this year and they are open to viewers outside the UK! (I cant access iPlayer due to being in Ireland).

blackest wrote (see)

Most of these are from last year so should be good for planning this year and they are open to viewers outside the UK! (I cant access iPlayer due to being in Ireland).

Blackest, Sad isn't it ,If the Irish Gov' had agreed with the British Gov, and visa/versa about "Digital TV and Radio we would have had x border free community TV and radio



It's not so bad really the whole of europe can recieve bbc 1,2,3,4 ceebies parliment news itv 1,2,3,4 ch4, more4, e4, film4, ch5 5* 5 usa and the +1's and cbs action reality, drama and horror. Cant get rte or any other irish channels except through digital Tv since they are encrypted! I have a hd box from lidl with a usb hard drive.  So i get to time shift and if i wanted too i could write programs out to a dvd.

Only negatives are the tv guide is just now and next so recording is a bit awkward. As you need to know when to record. The iPlayer situation is kind of silly but it's mostly down to copyright and broadcast right issues. bit of a joke with the satellite 'leakage'Even funnier the irish papers list british channels as well as the native ones

hollie hock

I like a bit of Beechgrove. First time it's been on tv here and forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder blackest, I can get the regional versions tucked away in channel 900s, thursday evening is a bet better bet for me than early on Sunday morning. Didn't know that the iplayer isn't availble in Ireland

Oakley Witch

The problem corner they did in Rosyth is only 7 miles away from me. If anyone is near Edinburgh, there is a garden centre out by penicuik which has one of the presenters working there so you can go in and say hello. My dad has a natter regularly and even gets cheap plants from her. Think its his bantery sweet talk that wins him that privilege lol. I love it as its close to home and more in with whats happening up here. GW is great but so much further forward than us in the North.

Its very informative and very helpful