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Just to warn everyone that Beechgrove will be on Beeb 2 on Saturday this weekend instead of Sunday as there's a Grand Prix race which has pushed the usual Beeb 1 politics onto Beeb 2 on Sunday morning.

The GW repeat also gets shifted to Saturday morning.


thank you do you know if the times are the same too?

And we shall see it tonight in Scotland.


Just away to head down to Glamis walled garden project.


BBC2 Scotland If you have a Skybox you can add this using other channels other satellite boxes will be a bit different but the essential information is

10803.00 MHz / 10.803GHz Horizontal Polorization sr=22000 (sky boxes only do 22000 or 27500 symbol rates) fec = 5/6 or auto

There is no encryption, a transponder normally has around 10 different signals (tv and or radio stations) so when you press search you will get a number of channels pick the channels you want and then BBC2 Scotland will be available under other channels, non skyboxes just add to your usual channel lists. 

Looks like the BBC will be harder to recieve outside the UK following cut backs for anyone thats interested

If you are a sports fan then you might be interested in some of the feeds, (a feed isn't directed at the public but to a channel so they can edit live and add presenters ect).


Here in Belgium we have cable TV and get BBC 1 & 2 and lots of other European channels as well as the local ones although, being in Wallonia, I don't get many Flemish channels.

We can get many more TV channels and Beeb radio via satellite.  There are ways and means.  What we can't get are i-player and magazines with schedules unless I do a 120km round trip to the British supermarket near Brussels but I only go there if I'm passing - about 4 times a year.



saturday 9 gardeners world 9:30 beechgrove no A-Z this weekend it seems.


Just pinging this for anyone who hasn't spotted the change of schedule this weekend.

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