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Hi All  anybody notice the increase of bees in the garden compared to other years im really impressed this year the plants in my front garden south faceing in full of bees



Have you got any honey bees James?

flowering rose

lots of bees on the lavender and buddlia alll of sudden but alas an increase in cabbage butterflywho are laying eggs everywhere,hope something comes along to have a feast on some of them.


We've got a few honeybees in our garden , but in the main lots bumbles, various solitary bees and lots of tree bees.  Also loads of hoverflies   And I was saying yesterday, that I've seen more butterflies in the past couple of weeks than I've seen in the past five years all added together 

i have had loads of bees on our Sorbaria 'Sem'. we have a few other plants they visit but they are all over this one particularly. great to see!



Yes I agree I have seen many more bee's and butterflies this year. Fantastic

I am however still waiting to a wasp this year, so far not a one.


Our wasps appeared about 3 days ago - perhaps yours are with them 


hehe You can keep them Dove.  They make me nervous.

Maybe our's might be around soon then.


I've noticed loads of bees as well, hardly any wasps though, thankfully.

We were in hunstanton and sutton on sea last week, We saw so many bumble bees  and butterflys along the beach, i could not believe  it!

Agree....loads of bees everywhere.  

lots of bees in my garden, and more butterflys than last year, i live in manchester and have been planting bee friendly plants.

Peat B

The hive has produced a bumper load of POOH PUNNY, and this has been decanted into jars of nectar of the Gods. Two months ago, the bees were 'unsettled', as described in the good book, House at Pooh Corner, and on some days, decided that people were a fine and good target to practice Kami Kazi flights. Vee got stung 4 times, for the first time in her life. I was chased, chaste and buzzed a few times up and down the lotty, but escaped the ultimate sanction. Moody little buggers !

Now, in the first throes of September, the bees are obviously in shut down mode, and preparing to get the hive ready for the autumnal period. On fine days, they are active, but with the change in the air, dew on the grass and a sort of air of expectancy, there are lots of ornery bees settling into the blooms of tagetes, and bedding down in the sunflower heads. Great !

I've had lots of honey bees, bumbles, butterflies and recently ....wasps! I love to see them all )) the wasps have been caterpillar & aphid hunting, and drinking from my flowers alongside the bees & butterflies but my south facing garden is a 'summer' garden and the flowers are fading and the wasps are getting a bit cheeky and pop thro' my kitchen window and try scavenging the sugar they crave. I ignore them until they buzz reet close then I shoo them out with my T-towel, not sure if its the same wasp coming into my kitchen chancing his wing, as long as he doesn't sting me he can have one circuit then out!

I love watching insects, especially bees and wasps of all sorts - absolutely beautiful and fascinating creatures 


Peat B

Bees....... great little workers, aren't they ?  then, as our local apriarist says, they're murderous, ruthless and without anything in the way of community warmth, unless you consider, fanning the hive to cool down or warm up. They bite off the wings of the members of the hive, and leave them to die at the end of their usefulness, and are slaves to the hive, without anything to divert them from the hive's best interests. Much like a communist or Nazi society. Mind you, I sometimes feel that we are sliding into something like this ourselves. nowadays.  You have an extra cell in your hive,      move out or lose benefit ! Produce or die !           Rant and be damned !

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