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The field beyond is mine too - but I rent it out to my farmer neighbour and he looks after that bit!


Hi Ma, I'd find out the cost of 'getting a man in' with that amount of 'lawn'. I know that Helen Yemm in The Telegraph finally admitted she gave in & has found a session of regular lawn treatments has really paid off.

Worst job I was going to say tossing compost, but no, that I rather enjoy. Get absolutely filthy & sweaty & eventually have several bags of my compost that gets used for all sorts nowadays. Who's bright idea, not, was it to site mine under/near trees? The roots then find their way into the bottom of the bins & you can never get all of the stuff out because it's so compacted. Dont enjoy seiving it though- makes my back really ache- so dont do it regularly unless I absolutely need to.

Best job- sitting out there on a sunny day, plus a good book & occasionally nipping into the borders to tweak/remove something. J.

My worst job is dragging the hose around when the garden needs watering. The hose always seems to develop a kink where I cannot see it as soon as I turn my back or gets caught under a corner of some kindI am constantly marching up and down the length of the garden trying to straighten the d***d thing out..

My favourite job has to be having a bonfire.

 My best bonfire was one Ilit at 9.00pm one evening, in a narrow long garden. I sat with hot choclate,  on top of a dustbin, wrapped in an old duvet jacket, until it was safe to leave. Around midnight if my memory servs me correctly. It was a lovely autumn night, lots of stars and very quiet, except for the owls in a nearby park.  

My favourite job is is sitting in the garden eating freshly picked strawberries, relaxing and taking in the birds and wild life.

Worst has to be cleaning the GH i'ts in a corner with fencing on two sides and a gap of only 1ft between the fence and GH. I get wet through every time it's cleaned. 

Don't mind mowing the lawn, I like the smell of freshly cut grass.  

Woodgreen wonderboy

Best jobs are the creative ones involving planting out something new in anticipation of brilliant results, especially if the hard work of preparing the ground was done on an earlier day.

Worst is cutting back Pyracanthas..they tear me and my clothes to pieces. I usually throw the clothes away afterwards, and go and lick my wounds.



Best job; everything to do with growing fruit, veg and flowers.

Wost job; cleaning the paving stones on my hands and knees witha scrubbing brush!


Well trying to think about the worst gardening chore - got rid of my lawn years ago, so that's not on the agenda. Haven't used a hose for years either - have got 6 butts dotted round the place, only time I use a hose is to fill a huge trug from one butt, into which I dunk and fill cans as needed.

But I can remember the irritations of both.

I think the worst is trying to keep up with the autumn leaf fall, the neighbours have two huge beeches, the majority of their leaves fall into my garden, which is walled, so fills up like a box of cornflakes. But I shovel them all into a builder's dumpy bag, and then I have loads of yummy leaf mould.

chilli lover

 Gosh some of your loves are my hates and vice versa!

My absolute love is filling my trug with the vegetables I have grown.

My least favourite job is probably weeding our bark mulch path - currently it has loads of self-seeded potentilla in it  - you know the usual saying...


Fave job: any garden job that can be done on a warm Summers day accompanied by a cheeky glass of white, especially weeding (yes really! Love weeding).

Least Fave: removing cat poo from the beds (of which there is much)!. Also, at the moment I'm burying a length of armoured cable the length of the garden (50m) to run low level lighting and power sockets from. Has to be buried at least 22-24"" deep and it is, shall we say, a 'work in progress' (very sloooow progress....especially on a warm summers day with that cheeky glass of white and a seat nearby). Have completed half of it and am aiming to have the cable down to the house by the end of this year ready for a sparky to connect up next year.  'tis good exercise though!!!


I don't mind weeding that much; it gives me the chance to really see what's going on at ground level.


Shadoweaver. would you not consider threading the "A"cable through galvanized 13mm tubing know as trunking costs about €5 /length it can be left on the surface or bolted to a wall or fence and will save your back also giving you more time for drinking more Wine



Hi Clogerhead. Thanks for the suggestion. I did consider that approach at the outset, however, we don't have a wall all the way down to the bottom of the garden: Privet one side and part fence & privet on the other side. Nothing to attach the trunking to for about 15m from the house

There was also a change in regulations governing electrical installations and this 'project' would now need sign off and to conform. IIRC, through research at the time, the regulations deemed a fence to be a 'temporary structure' and couldn't be used for fixing the cable (I stand to be corrected on that one)! Anyhoo, the burying option is the neatest and we have easy to dig soil so I am treating it as a personal challenge with a good bit of exercise thrown in (I need it)!!

Rgds Adam

Green Magpie

Likes: obviously I like harvesting crops, picking a bunch of flowers, or eating rasps or peas straight from the plants. Less obviously, I quite enjoy weeding, picking stones out from the seed-beds, dead-heading and similar repetitive tasks.

Dislikes: I don't like any of the spraying or plant-feeding tasks that are sometimes required. And I don't like anything requiring a ladder, e.g pruning fruit trees.



I love sowing and growing seeds and plants and then to have enough to give either to my next door neighbour or my mum. Worst job is digging at the allotment, i have a very bad back so can only manage a bit at a time so its a long and boring job

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