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flowering rose

my favorite job is planting out new plants or sowing seeds with mug of tea in worst job is snail and slug removal,but really not much to dislike.

Caz W

My favourite job is planting out something I have grown from a cutting or from seed - "plants for free" is my motto .  My worst job has to be getting rid of those ever present brambles - I never seem to win that fight without injury!


Best is planting new stuff out. 

Worst is weeding out couch grass, creeping buttercup, nettles and bindweed - again and again and again.  There's always some that comes back no matter how careful I am as our garden was pasture for centuries before we started it about 15 years ago so there are seeds and deep roots in abundance.

Hardest is finding time to sit and enjoy it without spotting something that needs attention.............;

Best is when you put last piece of a planting plan in....and hey! It looks right. Worst? When your wonderful plant looks out of place
hollie hock

The best is definately planting out new stuff, especially if I've grown it from seed. Deadheading flowers in the Summer time is a close second for me. Sowing and pricking out seed I also enjoy. Also like planting spring bulbs as I know the rewards will be woth it

The worst is dealing with creeping buttercup, which I noticed today is already growing




It's planting for me too, you're all full of hope and imagination! Worst is weeding, same weeds as Obelixx, especially when weather has been very wet or very dry so ground is like concrete!

Favourite is picking up apples to make cider .

Worst is removing brambles - got blood poisoning from doing this a few years ago which left me on antibiotics for 9 weeks, very nasty .


Best: definitely planting and watching them grow. Worst: raking "tons" of leaves in Autumn and having to nag OH to trim the hedges!

Gary Hobson
obelixx wrote (see)

....Hardest is finding time to sit and enjoy it ...

I'm a bit more disciplined about planning my time in the garden.

My favourite job is sitting in the deckchair, in the greenhouse. And I take the time to do that. There will always be a million jobs crying out to be done. But I'm the master in my garden. My garden is not the master of me.

The worst job, IMO, is clearing out a pond. If a pond contains plants, they eventually need some clearing out. Cutting through matted iris roots a foot deep is hard work; it's dangerous (don't want to cut oneself or the liner); the water is very cold; and it's a filthy job too.


Agree with much of the above, planting , pond dredging (well overdue ).
One of my very favourite things - not really a job - is eating ripe raspberries, warm from the sun, straight off the canes. Another one is photographing anything that is beautiful or interesting - just wish the phot could capture textures and smells as well.

The potty gardener

Like FloBear best seeing and taking pics of wonderful flowers and of parts of garden.

Worst having to move all my pots and clean up under them.

Lavender Lady

My favourite has to be when that seed or cutting I have nurtured produces its first bloom and looks amazing.

My worst has to be raking up leaves from gravel, it takes such a long time and I end up picking up more gravel than leaves. 

Sue H
My favorite - collecting veg I have grown from garden. Second favorite - eating them. .
Worst - got to be the slugs. Yuk yuk.

Hi all. the worst job in the Garden is re-doing your work after you had work done just got a new roof on my conservatory as the polycarbonate roof was to noisy when it rained heavy and to cold at night ,even with the heat on ,will post photo's before and after when I have it back to normal .





Best is harvesting veg, but after that I do enjoy turning out a compost bin. I have just done my 'winter' one and have lots of lovely sieved potting compost waiting for use. I don't enjoy hedge-cutting much but me and OH do it together so it's quite companionable. I agree with Obelixx about the hardest being just to sit and enjoy it.



Mowing is boring but I don't hate it. Best is fiddling about in the greenhouse and pruning. Worst is clearing up after any job, especially those that involve hours with the shredder.

I'm fighting a losing battle!  have been for years.............  part is shaded by a high hedge, so very mossy.  Very odd shape, so few "long runs" & lots of stop/start/negotiating bends ets.  Trilions of rabbits + resulting damage e.g. bolt holes, latrines etc.  Moles.  Voles.  Their tunnels - which collapse after winter frosts.  Rubbish lawn mower to boot!  Am seriously thinking about paying someone to do it, then I can do all the rest of the stuff, which I enjoy - including tidying-up & weeding.  It takes me about an hour & a half, so what do you reckon I'd have to pay?

The potty gardener

The one benefit of having a small paved garden- no mowing. It used to take me 2 hours to mow the lawn where I used to live.

Hi Brumbull - no - not thinking of replacing the lawn - the whole garden's about a quarter of an acre, I think.  Never measured it - wouldn't know how to work it out!  I live in what was once the corner of a field - first built on in the l920's and original house replaced in the l960's I think, but altered/extended since then.  No near neighbours - closest are a couple of hundred yards away, so all boundaries are my responsibility too - hedges + post & rail fencing with stock netting to keep the foxes & badgers out.  Doesn't stop the rabbits though, because I can't fix close-mesh wire netting above & below the boundaries due to the difference in level between the garden & surrounding field, which is at a lower level than most of the garden.  Driveway is tarmac & slopes down slightly on to the lane.  So - lawn + shrubbery (mostly) with perennials at the front of the beds + a small raised veg plot which does have netting.  Some  hard surfaced seating area + gravel/shrubs & lots of pots there, which is the only place I can put summer bedding out of reach of the rabbits - but they do stand on their hind legs & love to eat whatever they can reach that's in the pots!