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15/08/2013 at 23:05

Ive fed the birds in all the gardens we've ever had and this home is just the same,

All through the winter i make sure every day the bird table is full first thing and again just after 12 noon, food & water,

Its this time of the year i feel the reward for such action, in the spring the young end up on the table and mum feeds them the offerings i leave out,

Now today on the table the clay 1inch dish was filled with water and instead of these little blue tit's drinking they decided to have a bath,

What a commotion, they didnt give a dam i was inches away from the table as they splashed about and enjoyed a nice bath.

This sort of bird antic makes me feel good about buying pkt after pkt of bird seeds each week throughout the summer to help the purse strings through the winter when they need the food daily,

The old milk churn is the storage area for this seed and im pleased to say its nearly full,

One thing about having animals is that we dont have any waste it all gets used up one way or an other.

16/08/2013 at 00:10

Oh how lovely, I wish the birds would come back to my garden. I have plenty of food, differant types for the differant birds, I have a feeding table, I have food in a bowl on the ground and water (ground feeders) and then I have astand that you hang things on, I have chopped peanuts in one, suet feeds,in another grain in the other water in a round one and some food in a round one on the stand. I have water near where the blackbirds came from next door. I am sure it must be the cats, I have tried all sorts even one of them alarm things, lemon, tin foil, some one has told me to put garlic powder down but I am not sure. The only bird that comes down is a wood pigeon.

16/08/2013 at 06:00

Hi audrie,

You've for gotten one important thing !!

The sign "No Cats allowed",

Keep going Audrie, particulary in the freezing cold winter mornings 'it's then they'll risk it, i make sure that its as safe as i can make it by having plenty of space around the feeders so the birds can see and have a good chance to escape should the farm cats decide to pay us a visit.

The one small problem i have

('well if you call a big soft lump of a dog small ?) is one of my rescue dogs cant get it into his head he's saved now and two meals a day will always be here, And so if i dont watch him "Henry 's his name" then he sneakes up & stands on his back legs and enjoys the sun flowers seeds etc But the birds scream like mad when he's pretending to be one of them.

But once the birds know they'll get fed on a daily "every day" basis and its important it is every day as they get to expect to find the food in the same place then you'll have mum / dad and the next generations coming.

When we left our last house in the uk to come to live here in france I was talking to the post office in the uk ref my mail be re-directed and the very postman who delivered our mail came on the line to say hi,

He told me that he saw the birds all sitting on the hedge after we'd gone waiting to be fed but as the house was empty for months nobody fed them and the new people didnt bother.

It was a shame really that the new people didnt feed the birds as they really did a show for free every day.

16/08/2013 at 16:01

Hi Smokin Donkey and Audrie, what a lovely conversation, I enjoyed reading it.Smokin is right about waiting. I had a pergola erected in April 2010 after much thought as it faces northwest and does not get much sun in winter. I was reluctant to have one as I thought that apart from the plants affecting the light in the winter, I would find it difficult to find the right plants that would thrive there. Now I wish I had done it years ago, as my main aim was to attract small birds as they were not getting a look in on the bird table and bath.

The plants grew well but the three bird feeders only attracted squirrels! Not even in the bitter winter that we have had recently. But after one year, gradually the little birds that I wanted to attract(tits, finches etc.) started appearing.This year we have had them all  squabbling for alook in and queing for the bath(a large  ceramic dish on the patio.) They have no problem with me sitting inches away from them. The patience paid off I think, and they wanted to feel secure and get used to the situation. So please don't give up, they will give you immense pleasure, as Smokin says.

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