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It will soon be bluebell time. Is anyone interested in a mid week trip to Felley Priory?

Just off jct 27 M1 near Annesley. North notts.

They have a small nursery with some unusual plants as well.

RHS members get in free  


Might be a bit tricky for me this time 


Fidget, thank you, but we've a lot of things happening that week so can't come. Look forward to pics.

When are you thinking of going Fidget?


Orchid Lady

I would love to go but can't do mid week sorry 

star gaze lily

I would love to go, but far too far for me.


I was thinking Wed after Easter. But I'm flexible. 

David K

Anyone living in the Burton-upon-Trent/Lichfield/Stafford areas may like to know that this and a few other places locally where I like to see & take a few pics of bluebells.


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