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The brats are on their way home to a home their parents work hard for and wouldn't dare they think its ok to climb other peoples 6ft gates and then climb again to get out. if my 2 dogs were out (which they are normally at that time of day) they would have had a go cos their space was invaded. or the poor darling would have most likely sued us due to the sleeper drive being slippery and ignore the fact that they trespassed over 6ft gates. looking at spikes but apparently not legal under 6ft and they are just a inch or 2 under. knowing were there a blame there a claim culture in this country now prob not worth it just in case. i shouldn't have to now worry about fitting something to make it not height at least climbable but ill add it to my list to do at the weekend. OI BRATS BREAK YOUR PARENTS STUFF NO OTHERS! have complained to the school but doubt now will happen 


Speak to your Community Policeman/woman.  It's what they're for.


kev, you sound really upset. Could you raise the level of the top of the gate to the legal height for spikes? ...and also follow Dove's advice.


CCTV - a good one - and put their photos up.


Dove ill try that tomo,


Artjak not upset im just pissed that its my property i have to spend all this time in a place i hate to pay my bills for some brat to think that he can use my property for his climbing frame.  my garden is my private place i don't expect to find uninvited guest in my garden. the gate posts are very strong the gates are also strong but if he had broken them who pays? not him, not his parents but me. wear and tear i except that but not some brat who thinks he can use my property as a climbing frame.


Any idea why he feels the need to climb over?  Was he after something or had something been thrown over?

S0d it! gonna raise the height of spreader bar and order the spikes when i get my break. one of the lads here said the kid needs slap from his mum. CCTV a big no no in my area currently 

It's just a thought but I would be tempted to brush something oily (like cooking oil) on the gate,say the last top 12 inches.this would make it sloppy. Then of course you plead ignorant.because if parents complain about them falling etc then the kids have to explain why they are climbing in the first place.

Victoria Sponge

My tactic with horrible kids is to shout/point/chase them whenever I see them lurking around the perimeter and if necessary to stop and question them when in the street. I also exaggerate/make up damages that occurred. It's an on-going campaign based on the assumption that kids want an easy life but also might forget if I let things slide. It wouldn't work against someone with a serious agenda though as I have a predictable routine.

Someone on here suggested I coat my railings with something waterproof and slippery for an old man problem I used to have.

   Just read your thread again , bout the dogs .it's wrong but here's something that has happened locally.a neighbour was taking her dogs out , they were not on a lead because she was on her own land  and out in the country  .no other houses nearby just fields.

Her dogs suddenly shot off jumped over the ditch ,running up to a jogger and both  dogs bit her on the leg. So apparently there is a new ruling out that if a dog bites  he has to be put down  .no exceptions 

So be careful ,by the sound of it the dogs were on the owners land and so was the jogger.but the jogger was in the police force so the dogs have to be put down.

Did you do that then Vic ? 

If so what did you use? 

Was it  some nice thick axle grease?


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