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Hi,  anyone out there know of a good alternative / replacement for the old favourite  "Bromophos"


Bromophos . nasty stuff banned since 2003.  Organophosphate pesticide similar to malathion.

I suggest you try the garden centre shelves. Depends on what or who you are trying to kill.


If the problem is cabbage root fly (for which bromophos was usually recommended), the methods now recommended are root collars (which you can make yourself) and/or covering the brassicas with enviromesh, which is what I prefer as it prevents cabbage root fly, cabbage white butterfly and the biggest pest (literally) in my area, bloomin great big fat woodpigeons!

To prevent cabbage root fly I always use a product that I bought in France called "Insecticide du sol vers gris"

It was not cheap (about £10 for a 600gm tub) but is intended to treat 200 which in reality is enough for thousands of cabbages for many years.

It is sold by Algoflash which has a web-site at


Last year I tried an old trick, on one row of brussel sprouts I mixed soot with water to make a paste and dipped the roots in before planting on all other Brassicas I put well weathered dry soot around the neck of the plants.It seemed to result in very little root fly damage

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