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Whats happened to Brum has he fell out with us 


Afraid he did, got a bit rude and the moderators deleted him.


Shame ,i possibly missed all that on the house move,he did some really good hanging baskets,( i think i have the right name).many thanks Busy


That's if you meant Brumbull. But it may be that a troll took his identity.


yes your right  Busy ,  Brumbull was the name thankyou.


Ah, I used to dip in and out of the forums before I joined properly, must have been a year or so ago, and read the threads so recognise many names. Wondered where Brumbull was, didn't like to ask.

star gaze lily

It all got rather unpleasant. Brumbell got rather offensive and as Busy Lizzie said the moderators deleted him and all his quotes.

What an awful thing to have happen. 


Best close this thread now.

It was a very unsavoury experience and best forgotten now

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