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Since i began to make my new borders, Ive discovered some interesting artifacts!

my favourite, is a tiny little perfectly formed glass jar, which has an almost pinkish hue to it. There is no screw top for a lid, so assuming it was corked? its about 1.5'' tall, maybe the same diameter. Ive also found lots of pieces of broken up ceramic with a very old looking blue & white pattern on, and ribbed back. The house i live in was only built in the late 60s so guessing they cant be  that old really?

anyone else found anything exciting while digging?


Depends what was on the site before your house was built. Years ago, before council tips, people used to just dig a very big hole in the ground, fill it up then dig another. I found a whole bottle bank in my old house, but was told thats what they did back then. The little bottle is probably a perfume bottle, its probably got a little tiny glass stopper but whether you could find it!

It was all just greenfield, so you are probably right! i love the idea of little bits of history under my feet!


I found a bubble car in my allotment (dinky toy size) slightly tatty but we kept it as my husbands first car was a bubble car. 

I found a metal box with several hundred thousand pounds in it.  Couldn't believe my luck 


Oh no!   I was only dreaming 

lol.... beats my quirky glass jar hands down!

Clay pipes in abundance which apparently have NO antique value whatsoever. In fact archaeology types say you're meant to re bury them for other people to find !


A child's shoe, a horseshoe and a landmine.   We don't deep dig any more so no finds in ages.

Busy Bee2

I found a Krauwinkel jeton.  About the same era as David's coin.  Thought it was that bit of metal you get at the top of a wine bottle and went to screw it up between my fingers and then throw it away.  Only it wouldn't screw up!

No expert

Dug up a full cow recently.

No expert

It was a small plastic cow actually, so no need to call the health inspectors.



Landmine - house and garden in Belgium so occupied territory in both world wars.  Allied airmen hidden in farmers' pigeon lofts and passed on down the line to get home and so on.   The old cobbled road in front of the house has scratched lines along its entire length from the passage of allied tanks chasing the Germans back east.  

Napoleon's lot and assorted Prussians went past too but left no souvenirs that we have found.

 Found in the garden of a very old bothy. How could you lose keys as big as this