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If Land slugs were this pretty , i wouldn't mind them as much.


David.....I like that very much.  

Fidget,,isn't nature amazing?


Sea slugs. aka Nudibranches, due to gills being naked and waving around in the water instead of  being internal. They do a similar job to land slugs, clearing up detritus, and grazing on soft algae. They are hermaphrodite, so he/she.



Almost as bright as your snail, David k.



 this isnt the picture i wantd to post but for some strange reason the two that i have tried just say they cant be uploaded through this proxy i have no idea what that means so this is an actinidia



well it was a moment ago try again



i have a lot to learn david i do hope you and the other photography buffs are going to give us some tips  please


Excellent thread David!  I dabbled with photographing fireworks in 2009 and the results can be quite surreal:

 If that one posts properly, I'll post a few more, otherwise I'll edit and retry.

star gaze lily

Love the bluebell wood David  and the butterfly


great idea david. Great photos already. I must have a look in my files.


What a great thread - look forward to many more photos