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Orchid Lady

Lovely pic David, I love Bluebells too.

Maybe I could have a patch of buttercups........on the lawn 

star gaze lily

Was thinking of putting a patch of wild flowers down the bottom of the garden, you could do that with your buttercups Tracey. They might spread too much on your lawn. Didn't you say your OH loved his lawn?

star gaze lily

Views from the bottom of our garden today, can't believe we have some sun!




star gaze lily

And a little forgetmenot just about to flower


star gaze lily

I do love my home, but its the views that keep us here. At the end of our road there's more woodland and ponds. Might go for a walk later if this sunshine stays.



Hello lilly.

If you do get out today can you take some pics of the ponds please as i would like to compare with my very sad local pond.



star gaze lily

Love it here, its just 6 houses away.....






star gaze lily


The stream coming off the pond....




And a walkway through some of the woods...






OH. Our local pond is not too much different then. You do have all those lovely trees that we do not have.though. Was there any sign of life in the ponds?

Thanks Lily.

star gaze lily

Ooops in the last set of pics the 1st pic should be last 

Only a couple of ducks today,its usually got quite a few.


Such a lovely place to live Star Lily - you are very lucky.

star gaze lily

I am lucky, I love it here, its so very peaceful and quiet .

star gaze lily

OH WOW David absolutely fabulous pics. Especially love 'image' of the month pic...favs are the fox and the kingfisher. Then also love the red squirrel pics. Have book marked the site.

Stunning pictures David