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Lovely pix as always on here 

A little bit of one of my new raised areas - a narrow border in front of the back fence :



star gaze lily

Lovely border fairy

Sorry David,can't see anything


Fairy what is the name of that Heuchera, hope it is one.

David I don't know unless the foliage isn't from a Gaz'.

Only popped on to post your tea.

 Enjoy, you'll have to make your own cheese sauce.

Very nice Fairy girl looks great your hard work is reward time for you now.



Might be a poster but a better pic than I take David.


Alabama Sunrise I think KEF. 

Looking good there fairy.....used a bit of magic I think 


There is something similar on the video tapes I use. There is a slide on the side to lock it and stop it being taped over.


Yes, David you have posted that bridge pic before, but well worth seeing again and lots of new folks won't have seen it anyway.



 Big spotty fish. Christmas Island. Indian ocean.

I'm the one with the yellow stripey fins.