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Those are fantastic pictures fidget


We have thousands of photos on computer. I think we ought to print some and have them on the walls.


Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures Ann, David & Fidget.

Fidget I think you need a Gallery.

Orchid Lady

David, you really need to stop posting pictures of is only fuelling my need for another and I can't decide which colour

Oh, I've just seen you've mentioned me, thank you.  I love Lillies too


Orchid Lady








A few I took while messing in the garden just now, no doubt all in the wrong order so I'll let you work out what they are.  I love raindrops on plants, they are like little diamonds



Orchid Lady

One of my pics from today isn't there!!! I'll have to post it tomorrow, not getting lapto out now 

Orchid Lady

Oooh, my favourite colour - well not really but the colour of my 'team'  Let's hope that brings us luck on Saturday David 

Orchid Lady

I've got lots of Lily and orchid pics, all on discs though and not on my laptop tonight.


Lovely pix as always on here 

A little bit of one of my new raised areas - a narrow border in front of the back fence :



star gaze lily

Lovely border fairy

Sorry David,can't see anything