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Ashleigh 2

Best wait a while and save some more I think, these are some pictures my brother in law took in the winter of 2010,




Wow Ashleigh 2.

It looks exactly like my back garden at this precise time and moment! Unfortunately the orange glow is just street lamps.


Fairy thank you for Heuchera name

David, made mental note of camera problem, should I ever have such a camera Bridge photo well worth another showing great flowers.

Fidget wow! as usual..amazing subjects. I should be on the envy thread.

Ashleigh2 love the tree picture.



For the Lily lovers, a picture of my shadow  

star gaze lily

Lovey winter pics

Lovely lillies too Kef.



That frosted tree is stunning Ashleigh

Ashleigh 2

Gorgeous lilies Kef, thanks David, and your photo is amazing, should be on blown up on somebody's wall, we only had one light frost here and that was before Christmas, these winter shots are actually making me miss frost snow and ice, I never thought that would happen!


When I saw the snowy shots I thought the same as you Ashleigh2 and found I have actually missed seeing snow this winter (I suppose it's not too late for snow though).


star gaze lily

Can't I look too David I love orchids too

Ashleigh 2
Forester2 wrote (see)
(I suppose it's not too late for snow though).

 Oh no don't say that!



My Japanese plum "Lizzie", absolutely smothered in flower buds:

Hope there are no late hard frosts!

Orchid Lady

KEF, beautiful Lillies, I have loads of Lilly pics and must dig them out.

David K you are mean  I couldn't justify paying for one like that today but bought a bargain one in need of TLC for £2.40 instead, I felt sorry for it and it will be beautiful before we know it 

star gaze lily

Tracey, you must have a look in ikea or tescos, I bought a double one in tesco for £5 in october. Ikea do them for £5 or large ones for £8