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Lovely one David - making up for the snow we didn't get this winter.

Orchid Lady

I'll have to dig out my snow pics too 

David, it is actually fastened to a hoop, you can get them in any GC that sells Orchid things and just attached the Orchid stalk to it, I have little dragon fly clips that I use on mine.

Orchid Lady

You've got me thinking now, I might get an arch for my white one 

Orchid Lady

Shame about the camellia David! it looks beautiful.  I didn't realise they grew so big  I took a couple of pics of mine yesterday, I will try and get the laptop out at some point!


Lovely pics folks.

Been messing this morning:

 Not happy with next, just wanted to see what it would be like with glass behind it.





David, I take it you don't like my downstairs toilet floor


So long as you don't say I have a big bum.

Did you know that ladies with big bottoms live longer than men who comment on them?  Soz this is the Camera thread

Photos anyone? ( not of bottoms! )

Ashleigh 2

Thanks so much David, really lovely of you to research that camera for me, loving the Camelia photo's, Nice one KEF


Camera question David,

My digital camera has a view finder which is quite rare, but I like to use that rather than the display screen, but it is 'playing up' - that is I have to keep take the batteries out and reinserting them for the camera to work.  I am thinking of replacing it,but would like one with a view finder again but NOT expensive - any ideas.

Sorry, I should have PM'd you and not hijack the thread.