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David, I cant help as I  we both always use a mac for photos and videos. I find iphoto brilliant. We dont do a lot of manipulation, other than cropping, red eye removal. etc, . I think it spoils things when something has been obviously photoshopped . It becomes art instead of photography.

On our last liveaboard trip to papua new guinea, there was a photo comp on the boat on each trip. We had done three back to back. My OH won the first one on the Great Barrier Reef, won the one around new Britain (Kavieng) and then when presented for the final one , there was a great clapping of hands for his, and the winner was.... an american. There was a stony silence. I was waiting to someone to pipe up that a mistake had been made, but no the free bottle of wine went to an american dentist.  Some privately told OH he had been robbed, but I suspect it had more to do with the size of the tips expected from the  group of californian dentists.

John Harding

Hi David, have you tried rebooting your PC? That could sort the problem out. Or it could be your hard drive is getting close to maximum capacity. To see how full it is click on the windows explorer icon (bottom left of screen) then right click on the 'C' drive and choose properties. You should then see a pie chart indicating how much space you have left. I make a lot of DVDs and although I have a terabyte hard drive when it gets down to about 200gb I get a similar problem and have to delete unwanted files or transfer to another external hard drive. I usually then also run the disc clean-up program and get rid of a lot of temp. Internet files that slow the PC down. Hope this helps. Been away from my PC for a couple of months since my knee op but must get back to it now - especially as spring is coming. The greenhouse is looking good already. John H 


David I hope you get your computer problems sorted soon.

Just one from me, my freebie tulips that council were giving away when they did the traffic island. Didn't have any idea what colour they would be.



Surely sprouting broccoli David

Looking forward to butterfly photos. I hope no cabbage whites sneak in.

Might get some pictures at weekend, weather forecast is better.  


David I think they are going to make good subjects (just hark at me!)  That is the most detail I've seen on a butterfly, that's why I love macro shots, I can see more like carrying a magnifying glass with you. ..think people will know what I mean.  


Beautiful photo David.  


Rainbow the other day - from my back door :


Orchid Lady

Lovely pics KEF, David and Fairy.  I am hoping to get some on after my weekend away, fingers crossed of some red squirrels, I've never seen a red squirrel 


Lovely pic Fairy, all we've got just now is mucky black cloud.

OL have good time & red squirrel pics would be great.

David glad I make you larf. I have my uses.

 An overwintered Red Admiral warming up, taken 3 weeks ago


Ladybird on gorse from the same trip on Blackdown near Haslemere.




steephill, two cracking photos.


They're beautiful pix steephill 

Reds are very small compared to their big ugly grey relations OL.  They don't have many areas left where they can thrive unfortunately.They're lovely so I  hope you get to see one or two.