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Just no more name changes, right David?! 

Steve 309

Not strictly gardening, but I've just been for a walk in the country park round the back of my mum's house on the NW edge of London.  I wondered if you'd like to share some of the thngs I saw....



 All within spitting distance of





Such interesting pictures Steve.  Forgive my ignorance, but what is the bridge in the last one?


Looks like Wembley Stadium

Steve 309

Yep.  That's the one.


star gaze lily

David, nearly didn't recognize you 

Ooh, i could have that fallen tree for my stumpery 

Steve 309

There are loads of fallen trees in the many acres of woodland there,  Good to see they're being left to rot but I daresay you could take the odd one or two.



star gaze lily

Lovely pics Steve. Would love a couple, but live in Sussex,  tho my son works in London..........

Steve 309

Thanks.  Maybe I'll do some more idc.

Orchid Lady

Why are you lot all talking about name changes.....who changed their name??? 

Great pics Steve although not good memories of my last visit to Wembley and doubt I'll be there again soon.

I will put some pics on tomorrow as I have today uploaded some to my laptop (just to warn you!!)

Great pictures folks.  Enjoy this thread.....pure relaxation

Dont know who Orchard Lady but someone changed their name recently.  Maybe this person is on the run and needs to change his/her name 

Steve 309

I lived within a few miles of Wembley for the first 18 years of my life, OL, and never went there.  I don't intend to start now.  I believe all they have is grass.  Think of all the food you could grow in that space!

btw, my other half (AHHHH so that's what OH stands for...) is also v keen on orchids and her FB name reflects that.

Orchid Lady





Some of my recent pics, including my new favourite outdoor plant and of course my favourite indoor one

Also a woodland one from last weekend with 2 of my 3 'boys'


Orchid Lady

Ermmmm, I'll ignore the 'ole bit and accept the compliment thank you David  (PS LG TV looks good )