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hollie hock

Great photos, I really enjoy looking at them. The white peacock is stunning, I would imagine that they are quite rare?

That is a lovely  photo James, I'm sure your son is very happy with it



 Rest Bay Porthcawl - taken with an IPhone (sorry)


 One of the Dart rivers - I love wild camping.


 Sgwd Henrhyd - tallest waterfall in South Wales and you can walk behind it



LeadFarmer wrote (see)

Nice photos.

It woud be nice if posters could state which camera they used & settings/exif data etc with each photo.

I wouldn't worry too much about the camera used as great shots can be produced by the most modest of cameras. Settings information (Exif) is potentially more useful.

The potty gardener

They are all great pics

2 Wheel Gardener that is a stunning pic

I must confess I am a treehugger. 

David K

AWB - Nice picture....trees make a great sculptural subject.

Re camera details, perhaps the make & model may be useful; other stuff may not have too much significance.

Hi David

I Pad on this occasion.


Ok here is today offering Pentax K5 lens 28 to 70 F2.8 I think av setting with a reflecter white and hand held 

thought I would get back to flowers today 

I think it's a lilly but not sure 





It being Halloween, I thought I'd find a few scary? faces.





nice photos FB is that your praying mantis



Yes, the top ones a praying mantis that we came across. It was very well disguised in the shrubbery. If it hadn't moved I wouldn't have seen it. The second one is a moray eel. the third a dragon eel, which looks scarier than it is , since the head  is only about an inch across. It hides in coral heads.



I've gone back a few pages and looked at all the lovely photos, very enjoyable everyone.

Brumbull, quick question. A few pages back you posted a photo of a harbour with yachts. Could you tell me which harbour that was? I saw a boat in it that looks very much like our old boat. Thanks.


Hi Brumbull, yes, can't remember how many pages back, but it was a photo of a harbour or marina, somewhere on your travels.



 Taken at the weekend (on my phone).