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Orchid Lady

Stunning Punk, Venice is one place I would love to go.....I am working I it for our 20th anniversary in 2 years time  Love the gondolas and coloured houses.


The colour of the water against the colours of the boats and the houses is amazing - love it 


We loved it last year, think I've said that already somewhere.

star gaze lily

Great photos Punkdoc, lovely colours, fantastic architecture. We are thinking of going this year and making a visit to Rome at the same time.

Glad you had a great holiday, thank you for sharing.


Love Venice, love your photos Pdoc.  Thankyou for bringing back some really happy memories



Lovely pics all

Pdoc great pics, happy days & great memories for you both. Best get saving for next "big" one.  


Todays walk in the Forest of Dean.




David K

Lovely well captured shots, Forester.

David K

 Posted this a few days ago, but have tidied it up a little, hope it looks better.


Thanks folks.  Sadly I don't think they will ever meet again!



 mothers day road trip north of pyramid lake

wild yellow lupins

 iris tuolumnensis

 just some cows




Lovely pictures David of your countryside.

star gaze lily

Horses in the field at the bottom of our garden, taken yesterday when it was very cold and windy. Doesn't look like they want to be there!! 



The little one in the middle looks a bit 'hang dog'.  Perhaps they want to get their jackets off and have a good gallop.

star gaze lily

Just gone out to take this one, they look slightly happier now they have their coats 




That's better Star Gaze Lily.