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I do have some low res scans of none garden themed work I've done in the past, more fashiony/art based stuff that I did when I was working more seriously as a photographer, though studying it thoroughly ruined it all for me, I barely use my camera these days.

Thought it might inject a little life and discussion in the thread, always good to hear others thoughts.


This is a camera thread Sweet Pea, so it doesn't have to be gardens (in fact there's already one for that) and plants. It can be anything you think we might like to look at, scenes, techniques, something unusual etc.

Orchid Lady

I need to get my zoo pics on my laptop from last weekend and then I'll post some animal pics 




 Whats going on down there?



Lovely pics everyone.

Fidget lol


Where did you get that pic of me fidget...

and the one of Verd 


Bare in mind these are all originally photos that were very high res, that I've had to compress considerably, so I have no idea how they will look on the forum! I also imagine they're the antithesis of what you all stand for, not all are photoshop free shall we say! 








What a lovely picture AWB.  All the other pictures are nice too.  I do wish there weren't two threads for pictures, I feel I miss out on a lot trying to keep up with both of them!





 I took these when I was 17 with a borrowed Pentax I believe with the worst scanner in the world!

The model is my little sister, who is 8 years my junior, and was easy to blackmail into doing such great work for me


Didn't think you would be David

Orchid Lady
Lovely pics SP, the top one of the second lot looks very eery, almost ghost like, very clever

Daisy, I look at the other a thread as a nosey into other people's gardens and for them to nosey at mine (although I haven't posted much recently as mine isn't as good as some of those on there )

OL, I've been following the progress of your garden with interest.  You said you were a newbie so your garden is young whereas some of ours were started years ago. Please don't tell me you aren't going to send pics anymore, I love seeing progress and yours has changed a lot since your first picture.


This is paradise.. or is it. A turtle nesting site on a  remote beach.


 a closer look


 The actual turtle nest. We went in response to a report that turtles were emerging at sunset the previous day, but as we had to get back through rainforest,and steep hills, with no lights,we had to leave before sunset. It made me so sad that these turtles would start life  by hatching amongst the rubbish washed down on the currents from malaysia.