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What a treat these pictures are. Always look at this thread 


 high country elko county

 lamoille community church

 hummingbird perched at sunset


David K

 As the tree canopy grows, restricting the light to the bluebells, they retreat for another year.

In today's lovely sunshine, I thought how beautiful & lush the countryside was looking just now.


I think May is my favourite month. Everything fresh and green, with promise of summer and harvest yet to come.

 Moonset this morning at 5.00 am

As requested by Fairygirl


Beautiful - and the reflection of the moon in the water.  See what a lot of us are missing while we sleep.

awb sweeeet

 campingat secret pass


David, what are all those little white flowers on the ground? It looks beautiful where you live.

David K


River Dee at Llangollen with the railway station in the background.

 watching clouds go by

 memorial day-still early spring in the humboldt range


Lovely pics folks 


Handsome chap


Haven't been out much with camera but have loved looking at everyone's photos. Thanks

was it mark twain who said god must have loved beetles and poor people, he made so many of them



 Have posted below on Gallery thread but thought I'd put on here as well.

Taking an age to post, will try tomoz'.