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Steve 309

There is a house empty in that row, David, and it was a beautiful sunny day when we were there.  The Gunnera is actually across the track from the houses so all can enjoy it - especially those of us on the canal!

Thanks, OL.  I have to confess that the sunset photo was actually taken by another crew member, as my (new) camera had packed up by then, but I thought it was so good I had to include it. (I do have her permission!)

Just been out for a walk with my new new camera so will post a few more pics when I've downloaded them.


Steve=what lovely pix - and thanks for showing that it doesn't  rain all the time in the west of Scotland...

nice close-ups OL  

Steve 309


and thanks, Fairygirl



That's just awe-inspiring.  Love the deckchair for scale.  Just goes to show we should always carry a camera at all times - that special view is just round the corner (or the globe)

David K I would be happy with that on my kitchen wall.

sunset for orchid lady

wish i could claim this pic of the milky way but my friend mac took it with his super camera-satellite uplink is cool-home again tomorrow 


not sure why the pic is so small-david k what do you say

Orchid Lady

Thanks David S and David K.  That's a beautiful sunrise, I love sunrises too but don't see them as often  My sister's middle name is Dawn and the other week she said she didn't like it, I told her she should because Dawn is one of the nicest times of day and quite often beautiful.....just like her  I made her smile 

star gaze lily

Beautiful pics everyone, love sunsets/ you can see in my avatar 

OL, thats a lovely thing to say. Its a lovely name too 

Orchid Lady

Some times I stand at my bedroom window for ages, just watching the sky changing as the sunsets, it looks beautiful when the trees are silhouetted against a pink sky 

Steve 309

I used to know someone called Dave Sky who married a girl called Dawn.