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Orchid Lady

Wow, that is amazing  Love it David.  I have on my "things to do before I'm 50 list" to see the Northern Lights.



 yay-did it-milky way rising over desert 06/02/14


This is definitely Camera Corner, what a talented lot. Breathtaking photos, taken at home & away.  

Steve 309

Abbot's Bromley - famous place!


My Azalea, sadly starting to fade away this week  


David K, lovely photos as always.  Been to Llandudno many times years ago and just can't think that the wind farm is aesthetically pleasing.  Just have a thing about them at sea for some reason.  Don't  worry about them on land so much

I would have most of the images here on my wall - love the sunrise and.....


don't often post pics on here - i am a bit of a point and shoot girl - but like this one - the footprints are ours



Thanks David - am feeling a warm glow


Lovely photo Chicky, it almost looks like a painting.


 last summer on the colorado river





 And we visited some amazing caves.


We went to the Tarn in 2012.



 fledgling gyr  falcons first day of flight